MAPE Policies

Introduction to MAPE Policies

MAPE holds its officers and committee members to high standards in carrying out their obligations and in performance of their elected or assigned roles in the organization. The policies contained herein pertain to rules and guidelines to be adhered to by Board members, statewide and local officers, Trustees and statewide and local committee members where indicated.

Violation of Rules

Knowingly violating any of these policies by any of the aforementioned shall cause the member to be at risk of the penalties described in Article XII of the MAPE Bylaws.

MAPE Policies
(MS Word versions)
Standing rules
Minutes/Records Download
Board Steward Download
Member Access to Board of Directors' Meetings Download
Board Governance Style Download
Role of Board Download
Code of Conduct Download
Executive Limitations Download
Statewide Vacancy Notification Download
New Locals Download
Interim Local Governance Download
MOU Approval Procedures Download
Membership Voting Download
Phone Vote Download
Reassign Worksite Download
Social Media in Campaigns Policy Download
Membership Status, Contract Ratification, Strike Voting Timeline Download
Tickets (events) Download
Discrimination and Harassment Policy 2020 Download
Hiring Policy updated 3.17.23 Download
MAPE Organizational Committee Chart Download
Treasurer and Finance Committee Standards Download
Reimbursement Download
Statewide Elected Reimbursement Policy Download
Purchasing Download
Asset Disposal Download
Crisis Fund Investment Download
Donations Download
Credit Card Download
Petty Cash Download
Billing Procedure Download
Funds Download
Room Rental Download
Local Budgets Download
Local Checkbook Download
Local Ad Download
Crisis Fund/Job Action Download
Hardship Loan and Grant Download
Local Member Assistance Download
Local Recruitment Reimbursement Download
Stipend and Recognition Policy Download
Committee Principals Download
Employee Rights Committee
Arbitration Team Download
Arbitration Appeal Download
Steward Affirmation, Revocation, and Reinstatement Download
Class Action Grievance Appeal Download
Regional Steward Director Election Policy Download
Delegate Assembly
Delegate Assembly Resolution Policy Download
Delegate Assembly Resolution Template 2019 Download
Records and data
Data Practices Download
Agreement to safeguard MAPE-provided data
Agreement to safeguard MAPE-provided data (PDF) Download
Agreement to safeguard MAPE-provided data (MS Word) Download