Board of Directors Subcommittees

Accessibility Work Group

Coming soon
Focuses on making media accessible to all

Building Corp

A separate entity that owns and governs the MAPE building in Shoreview, MN

Coalition Building Workgroup

• Considers opportunities to show solidarity with labor and community partners
• Makes decisions about endorsements (not to include political candidates) and financial contributions from coalition activities budget

Delegate Assembly Planning Taskforce

Responsible for all logistics of Delegate Assembly, including the day-of agenda

Diversity and Belonging Committee

Focuses on creating and maintaining an internal organizational culture of diversity and belonging for all

DOC Taskforce

Assists the Department of Corrections Statewide Meet and Confer team in addressing the Office of the Legislative Auditor's report and bringing safety issues forward to leadership.

Essential Worker Pay Taskforce

• Focuses on internal communication related to the Legislative decisions around essential worker pay
• Develop our narrative that $250 million is not enough
• Bring MAPE stories to the forefront
• Channel energies productively toward the decision makers on this and future money

Executive Committee

Conducts the business of MAPE between the meetings of the Board of Directors

Finance Workgroup

• Prepares annual budget for Board and DA approval, including future assumptions about membership levels
• Responsible for investment oversight, MAPE’s financial policies, and completion of the annual financial audit
• Holds quarterly question and answer sessions for members’ education

Governance Workgroup

• Analyzes governance and implementation systems and structures
• Responsible for on-boarding new Board members
• Clarifies Board and staff roles and responsibilities

Hiring/Selection Committee

Makes the final hiring decision on hiring for the Executive Director position

Political Fund Oversight Workgroup

Decides on independent political expenditures and political education expenditures

Technology Advisory Taskforce

• Responsible for hardware and software technology oversight
• Makes upgrade recommendations to the Board