Be part of MAPE's next big deal!

Great ideas come from MAPE members. Join MAPE today and help us work on the next big deal!

Speaking of big deals, here are three of our major accomplishments:

  • Wages and benefits: Help negotiate your next raise, health care and other benefits. As a member of MAPE, you can do that. You have a seat at the bargaining table. Provide feedback to your regional negotiations representative, online through the MAPE website or run for office to join the Negotiations Team. For more information, go here: Help negotiate your raises and benefits

  • Paid parental leave: After nearly two years of work, MAPE members have paid parental leave. The policy allows for six consecutive weeks of paid parental leave for all employees following the birth or adoption of their child. 

  • Anti-bullying: Are you being bullied in the workplace? Know someone who has been bullied? Bullying is a serious and harmful work environment. MAPE members are leading the charge to understand and combat it. Together, we work together to ensure a happy, healthy and safe work environment for everyone. MAPE has developed a toolkit and a reporting network to stop bullying. Go here: MAPE's Anti-Bullying Toolkit