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Because you were hired in a MAPE-represented position, you are entitled to all the benefits and protections of your union contract. We want everyone to sign a membership card and become a member of the union. 

Together, we can:

  • Negotiate better pay, benefits and improve our working conditions.
  • Defeat anti-worker laws at the Minnesota Legislature, so we don’t end up losing 10 percent of our pay like Wisconsin public employees.
  • Protect income and health insurance during a government shutdown.
  • Build a stronger middle class.

Fill out a membership application form or apply online here: Join MAPE

Wages, health care, pension

MAPE has won consistent cost-of-living wage increases for its members and successfully fought off the employer’s attempts to significantly raise members’ health-care premiums and out-of-pocket costs:

  • Wages. MAPE’s negotiators have won 11 percent in cost-of-living wage increases over the last four years. Additionally, negotiators won step increases for those who qualify.
  • Health care:
    • MAPE’s negotiators fought off a $37 million cost shift to members’ health and dental insurance, and prevented a 10 percent insurance premium cost for all employees.
    • MAPE-represented employees pay 5 percent of their single health-care premiums and 15 percent of family premiums, much less than the average non-unionized public sector worker and private sector employee are paying.
  • Pension. MAPE members can rest assured that when they reach the end of their working careers, they will have a secure retirement. MAPE leadership continually works to keep it that way. Members and the employer jointly contribute to defined-benefit pensions that provide a more secure retirement than 401(k)-type plans that are popular in the private sector.
  • Deferred compensation. If you want additional retirement security, you can have voluntary deductions placed in this 401 (k) plan for government workers. Our contract calls for a $200 per-year match from the employer for those who contribute.

MAPE’s big deals

Members have rallied around important issues and have accomplished some amazing, ground-breaking things:

  • Anti-bullying. MAPE’s three-year anti-bullying campaign secured a respectful workplace policy guaranteeing a professional and respectful workplace for all state employees. MAPE has built a network to report allegations of abusive behavior in the workplace. Our anti-bullying work has resulted in the demotion or removal of 11 supervisors and directors.
  • Paid parental leave. MAPE led the battle for paid parental leave for all state employees. Members will now be able to take paid leave to spend time with their newborn or newly adopted child during the first critical months.

Standing up for you at the Minnesota Legislature

MAPE is very active at the state Capitol. In addition to supporting efforts to strengthen and protect our pension, and getting our contract approved, MAPE leads the way in improving our workplace:

  • Securing employer paid health-care benefits for employees who become totally and permanently disabled because of an offender, patient or client assault.
  • Successfully fought against repeated proposals aimed at cutting and outsourcing public employee jobs.
  • Secured a salary supplement for all state agencies. Attained additional staff funding for the Minnesota Sex Offender Program, money to keep Community Addiction Recovery Enterprise facilities open and funding for 50 staff at two community behavior health hospitals.
  • Expansion of whistleblower protections for classified state employees.
  • Expansion of vacation donation program allowing recipients use up to 80 hours of their unused vacation donation balance after the death of their spouse or dependent child.

When you join MAPE, here’s what you can do:

  1. Vote:
    • On benefits and cost-of-living wage increases in MAPE’s contract.
    • On the leadership to implement your suggestions and address your concerns … or run for office yourself.
  2. Improve your leadership skills:
    • Leadership and diversity training.
    • Basic and advanced steward training.
    • Conferences and seminars on a variety of topics, including women’s issues.
  3. Apply for hardship grants and loans during a government shutdown or strike.