Board of Directors

Board of Directors takes “member comments” over the phone, as well as in-person, during their 11:30 a.m. time certain comment period at each Board meeting. Email Beth Paris at by noon on Thursday before the meeting with your phone number.

Constitution and Rules Committee

Constitution and Rules Committee provides coordination and analysis of proposed changes to the MAPE Constitution, Bylaws and Election Rules.

Delegate Assembly (DA)

Delegate Assembly (DA) is MAPE's highest governing body. Its powers include, but are not limited to, the authority to establish MAPE policies, approve budgets, levy dues, amend the governing documents, and adopt procedures for statewide, regional and local officer elections.

Diversity Committee

The goal of this committee is to build awareness of the importance of diversity in the workplace for MAPE members and staff.

Elections Committee

Elections Committee provides oversight to the statewide and regional elections. The committee validates candidate credentials, monitors campaigns, conducts elections and hears protests.

Employee Rights Committee (ERC)

Employee Rights Committee (ERC) is comprised of chief stewards from each of MAPE’s 21 regions and is chaired by MAPE’s Statewide First Vice President. This committee hears arbitration appeals, and plans the strategic direction for all MAPE stewards.

Executive Committee

Executive Committee consists of MAPE's five Statewide Officers. The President is the presiding officer. The Executive Committee conducts the business of MAPE between the meetings of the Board of Directors and performs other duties as directed by the Board of Directors.


Finance Committee watches the MAPE checkbook and prepares a budget for the union. This committee is chaired by MAPE’s Statewide Treasurer.

Government Relations Committee (GRC)

Government Relations Committee (GRC) screens and recommends MAPE’s legislative goals. The GRC keeps our members informed about legislative issues and labor-related political activity, and promotes political activism.

Local Presidents Committee

Local Presidents was approved by the 2012 Delegate Assembly as a standing committee. Consisting of presidents of each local, the new standing committee will meet at least once each year, with the first meeting the day before the 2013 DA.


MAPE PAC directs political action by providing election campaign support in the form of financial contributions, screening and endorsing Minnesota candidates, and working on campaigns for people who support us as state employees.

Meet and confer committees

MAPE and the employer support a cooperative relationship in which they “move toward a relationship of greater trust and respect without interfering with the collective bargaining process.” Please click on the name of the team below for meeting minutes and a listing of committee members.

Membership Committee

Membership Committee leads our efforts in membership recruitment and retention. The administration’s negotiators look closely at our membership numbers. The higher the percentage of members we have, the more we can help our contract negotiation efforts.

Negotiations Committee (Team)

Negotiations Committee (Team) negotiates our contract with the administration. During contract negotiations, this committee requires a lot of time and focus.


Trustees consist of five members elected by the membership. The Trustees verify income and expenses of MAPE.

Women's Committee

The primary purpose of the Women’s Committee is to promote full and equal participation of women in MAPE and MAPE leadership roles. The committee’s mission is to encourage women to seek elective and appointive positions, and provide advice, mentoring and non-monetary support for these efforts.