Committee Principles             

Original Policy Approval Date: 12/13/99
Board of Directors Revision Date: 5/6/2010

Summary: Committees established by the Board of Directors.

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The Board may establish committees in addition to the MAPE Bylaws (Article 6, Statewide Standing Committees) to help carry out its responsibilities. Committees should not interfere with the Board’s job and, in particular, never interfere or circumvent the delegation of authority from the Board to the President or the Executive committee.

Committees may not speak or act for the Board, unless formally given such authority for specific and time-limited purposes. The Board will carefully state such committee authority so as not to conflict with authority already delegated to the president or other statewide officer.

Committees are to help the Board do its job, not to help the staff do their jobs. Committees will assist the Board chiefly by preparing policy recommendations, position statements and implications for board deliberation. Committees should not be created to advise the staff.

Committees do not exercise authority over staff. Committees will not impede the constitutional or Board delegated authority of the President or other Statewide Officers.