MAPE PAC Political Action Committee

MAPE PAC directs political action by providing election campaign support in the form of financial contributions, screening and endorsing Minnesota candidates, and working on campaigns for people who support us as state employees.

Our work:

  • Candidate endorsements. Every two years, our PAC screens and endorses candidates for the state House to ensure a labor friendly Legislature. Every four years, our PAC endorses candidates running for office in the State Senate and executive branch of Minnesota government to ensure a labor friendly governor and lieutenant governor, state auditor, secretary of state an attorney general. The PAC also uses an automatic endorsement process for incumbents seeking reelection, which uses the the lifetime legislative vote scores of an incumbent based upon MAPE's legislative priorities. Those receiving a lifetime vote score of 90 percent or above receive an automatic endorsement. Automatic endorsements may be withheld for extraordinary circumstances by vote of the majority of the PAC.

             MAPE PAC 2020 Legislative Endorsements 


  • Count me in! A fair contract is important to me and I want to contribute to MAPE PAC. Go here: Join MAPE PAC
  • Minnesota's Political Contribution Refund lets you donate to a legislative or executive branch candidate and apply for refund. The refund limited to $50 for individuals and $100 for married couples each year. To download the refund application, go here:


  • All MAPE members are encouraged to help out with door knocks and phone banks as we help elect labor friendly candidates in this fall's election. Volunteers can contact Devin Bruce at


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Monica Weber
Natural Resources Dept
Committee Chair
Nicole Juan
Human Services Dept
Committee Vice Chair
Janet Kitui
Employ & Econ Development Dept
Committee Secretary
Andy Trcka
MNIT Services
Committee Member
Ben Nicla
Health Department
Committee Member
Lynn Butcher
Human Services Dept
Committee Member
Quinn Carr
Pollution Control Agency
Committee Member
Theresa St Aoro
Public Employees Retire Assoc
Committee Member
Vernitta Moore
Public Safety Dept
Committee Member
Whitney Terrill
Human Services Dept
Committee Member

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