Delegate Assembly (DA)

Delegate Assembly (DA) is MAPE's highest governing body. Its powers include, but are not limited to, the authority to establish MAPE policies, approve budgets, levy dues, amend the governing documents, and adopt procedures for statewide, regional and local officer elections.

2022 Delegate Assembly

Saturday, Oct. 8, 2022

Budget Forums

The Delegate Assembly Planning Committee will be hosting two options to attend a Budget Forum where Statewide Treasurer, Chet Jorgenson, will present the proposed budget. There will be time for members to ask questions and provide input. Click on the date options below to add the forum(s) to your calendar. The Zoom link is available in the calendar invite.

Budget Forum Recording

Budget Forum - Proposed Budget Review Recording


Resolution Forums

The Delegate Assembly Planning Committee will be hosting four options to attend a Resolution Forum where resolution authors will present their resolutions and allow time for members to ask questions and provide input. click on the options below to add the forum(s) to your calendar. The Zoom link is in the calendar invite.

Resolution Forum #1 Recording

Resolution Forum #2 Recording

Resolution Forum #3 Recording

Resolution Forum #4


Parliamentarian Overview

Parliamentarian Overview for Delegates and Alternates
riday, Oct. 7
11 a.m.

Resolution FAQ

What is a Resolution?
A resolution is a formal request to change the constitution, election rules, a by-law or policy at MAPE that is then considered by the Delegate Assembly. 

When are Resolutions due?
Resolutions are due Aug. 19, 2022

How do I write a Resolution?
Use the Delegate Assembly Resolution Template available below.

How do I submit my resolution?
Send your resolution to C&

Where can I find out more information?
See the PowerPoint on Resolution Writing (an updated version will be available soon)

Why can't I use Track Changes in MS Word?
While Track Changes looks like you used underlines and strike-throughs, Track Changes does not copy and paste correctly. Also, if you make a change and then undue the change, Track Changes records and presents both actions instead of canceling the first action.

What are resolutions and why are they important?

Delegate Assembly (DA)


Darci Wing
Labor & Industry Department
Director, DA
Lisa Lazaretti
MNIT Services
Mark Snyder
Pollution Control Agency
Director, DA
Vernitta Moore
Public Safety Dept
Director, DA
Chet Jorgenson
Commerce Dept
Statewide Treasurer, DA
Carolyn Murphy
MNIT Services
Director, DA
Andy Trcka
MNIT Services
Jerry Schmitt
Public Employees Retire Assoc
Carrie Klumb
Health Department
Director, DA
Kent Barnard
Transportation Dept
Maurice Wilson
Education Department
Jessica Raptis
Corrections Dept
Director, DA
Michael Crider
MN St Colleges & Universities
Statewide Secretary, DA
Lois Tucke
Corrections Dept
Director, DA
Amber Jungwirth
Natural Resources Dept
Bryan Kotta
MN St Colleges & Universities
Director, DA
Laura Czech
Human Services Dept
Mike Terhune
MN St Colleges & Universities
Director, DA
Vanessa Vogl
Human Services Dept
Director, DA
Lauren Siegel
Human Services Dept
Statewide Organizing Council Chair, DA
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