Associate Membership Application

Pursuant to the MAPE Bylaws, former MAPE members who are no longer in government service may become MAPE associate members.

Dues: There is currently no charge to be an associate member of MAPE.
or remain at-large.
(See terms below. Cell number required.)
Note: As a MAPE associate member, you will receive MAPE publications. You may participate in local meetings and serve as non-voting associate members on local, regional, and statewide committees, with expenses – but not lost time – paid. (Appointments of MAPE associate members will not be included in the required number of committee members.) You may attend the annual Delegate Assembly at your own expense, except MAPE will pay for breakfasts and lunches. However, associate members serving in volunteer positions at the Delegate Assembly such as teller, timer, etc., will have mileage and lodging paid for by MAPE. You will not have voting rights in MAPE. Yet, you can be an associate member of the local of your choice or remain at-large.

Text message terms: I understand MAPE may send up to seven text messages each month to the phone number I have provided. I also acknowledge standard messaging and data rates may apply.