MAPE Internal Election Information

New for 2021: All nominations must be accepted via electronic form per the changes to the Election Rules (Article III, 6) adopted at the 2020 Delegate Assembly.
The Nomination Acceptance Form can be found here:
MAPE 2021 Regularly Scheduled Elections
Elections Committee Report - 2021 Statewide, Regional, and Local Elections Download
Statewide Candidate Financial Report Form 2021 Download
Uncontested Elections Results 2021 Download
Contested Elections Results 2021 Download
Polling Numbers and Results 2021 Download
Delegates Allotted Per Local 2021 Download
Timetable - 2021 Regularly Scheduled Elections Download
Candidate Eligibility Report, updated 5/5/21 Download
Official Announcement of 2021 Regularly Scheduled Elections, rev. 2/3/21 Download
Schedule of Candidate Forums as of 4/19/21 Download
SAMPLE Notice - Odd Year, Even Regions, rev. 1/21/21 Download
SAMPLE Notice - Odd Year, Odd Regions, rev. 1/21/21 Download
Elections Letter to Local Officers and Regional Directors 1/19/21 Download
Personal Statements for Candidates in Contested Races
Local 301 Delegate Candidates Download
Local 401 Communications Officer Candidates Download
Local 401 Delegate Candidates Download
Local 701 Delegate Candidates Download
Local 1002 Delegate Candidates Download
Local 1101 Delegate Candidates Download
Local 1601 Vice President Candidates Download
Local 2001 Delegate Candidates Download
Region 11 Director Candidates Download
Region 13 Director Candidates Download
Statewide Political Council Candidates Download
Statewide Trustee Candidates Download
Statewide Vice President Candidates Download