Delegate Assembly

Delegate Assembly Resolution Requirement

Delegate Assembly Revision Date: 9/25/2009, 9/19/2015
Board of Directors Revision Date: 6/18/2010, 5/16/2014

Summary: Requirements for Delegate Assembly resolutions.

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Resolutions to the Delegate Assembly (DA) can be submitted by:

  • Two or more members.
  • Local and statewide executive committees.
  • Locals.
  • Statewide standing committees identified in the Bylaws.
  • Board of Directors.
  • Board of Trustees.

Resolution writers may call upon members of the Constitution and Rules Committee for advice, but creating the resolution is the responsibility of the writer.

Resolutions must be on the document form and format provided on the MAPE website.

When existing text, such as in a governing document or policy, is to be changed, the submitter is responsible for using the legislative-format: text to be added is underlined; text to be deleted is struck through and the final version of the text is also included. If the text in the columns differ, the DA vote will be on the text in the “resulting language” column.

If not used, the “amendment” and “resulting language” tables should be omitted.

Resolutions can be submitted via e-mail to or mailed to MAPE Central, Attention: C&R Committee.

Resolutions may be submitted as early as January 1.

Resolutions must be received no later than 11 weeks before DA. The exact date will be published on the MAPE website.

The Constitution and Rules Committee will acknowledge, by e-mail, receipt of resolutions. The acknowledgement will inform the submitter that the resolution will stand a better chance of being passed if an informed delegate will speak in favor of it and be able to explain it.

Time permitting, the Constitution and Rules Committee may contact a resolution’s submitter to suggest clarifying changes be made to a resolution, but the final wording will be that of the submitter.

Inappropriate Resolutions
If a majority of the Constitution and Rules Committee determines statute or law change(s) would be necessary to implement the resolution, the committee will refer the resolution to the Government Relations Committee (and send a copy to the Negotiations Committee) and not post or mail it, and the resolution’s submitter will be notified as soon as possible.

The submitter of a resolution deemed inappropriate and referred by the Constitution and Rules Committee may appeal to the Board of Directors at the next Board meeting. A two-thirds vote of the Board members present and voting would sustain the Constitution and Rules Committee’s action. If less than two-thirds of the Board members present and voting vote to sustain, the resolution will be posted and mailed to Delegate Assembly registrants.