Strategic Plan 2022-2027

After hundreds of interviews, dozens of meetings and many revisions, MAPE Board of Directors approved a new five-year strategic plan. Highlights include focusing on membership, growing engagement and support of members, negotiations, electoral and legislative work and modernizing our systems.

“Our union is our members, and our members are our union,” said MAPE President Megan Dayton. “In the wake of the Janus court case, as we find our next steps forward, this plan reflects what we need to do.”

Janus vs. AFSCME was the Supreme Court decision in 2018 that obliterated fair share fees for public sector unions like MAPE. The last strategic plan was created in reaction to that decision and helped shepherd MAPE through the aftermath while maintaining strong membership. This next strategic plan aims to build on that momentum growing our membership and power.

“Organized people, organized resources, organized ideas. Those are the pillars of our power,” Dayton said. “Focusing on building those will build our power and ability to win at the bargaining table and at the Capitol.”

Read the strategic plan here.

MAPE Strategic Plan Implementation

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