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Count me in! A fair contract is important to me and I want to contribute to MAPE PAC.

I hereby authorize MAPE to file this payroll deduction with my employer and authorize my employer and associated agencies to deduct each pay period the amount certified in the box/space provided below as a voluntary contribution to the MAPE PAC. Amounts so deducted are to be remitted to MAPE within 30 days of the deduction. The deducted amounts will be used for the purpose of making political contributions and expenditures. I understand and agree that my contribution is voluntary, and is not a condition of membership in MAPE, or a condition of employment and I may decline to contribute without any reprisal. I understand that the contribution guidelines below are only suggestions, and that I am free to contribute more or less than the amount listed below. I understand that I may revoke my authorization at any time by giving written notice to MAPE. Contributions or gifts to the MAPE PAC are not tax deductible as charitable contributions. Check one of the following boxes:
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