MAPE 2021- 2023 Contract Negotiations

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Negotiating our contract is central to our work and power as a union- it will set our working conditions for the next two years and sets the tone with management as well. At the end of this process in June, we hope to have a contract that moves us from Relief and Recovery from COVID-19 into a new phase of Reimagining Minnesota and our public service to the state.

Negotiation Themes


Union proposals categorized by themes

MMB State Employer proposals

Agency supplemental proposals

Union opening healthcare proposal

State opening healthcare proposal 

NOTE: All proposals are what we are asking for from MMB. These are not the final versions of what we are getting in our contract. That will be clearly articulated at the conclusion of bargaining.

Check out some inspiring videos of members covering topics of telework, temporary unclassified, equity, diversity and inclusion 


MAPE is now in mediation with the state. Check out video updates from all of the past bargaining sessions.
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MAPE Summit with Governor Walz
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