MAPE 2021- 2023 Contract Negotiations

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Negotiating our contract is central to our work and power as a union- it will set our working conditions for the next two years and sets the tone with management as well. At the end of this process in June, we hope to have a contract that moves us from Relief and Recovery from COVID-19 into a new phase of Reimagining Minnesota and our public service to the state.

The Negotiations Team has put together proposals that fall under the following themes:

Negotiation Themes
Video overview from April 6 Bargaining Opener:
Screenshot of Megan kicking off video Proposals



Click here to read all of the union proposals that are available and categorized by themes.

Click here to read MMB Employer proposals.

NOTE: All proposals are what we are asking for from MMB. These are not the final versions of what we are getting in our contract. That will be clearly articulated at the conclusion of bargaining.

Open Bargaining



We are inviting you all to witness this process firsthand through open bargaining.
We are using an open bargaining format this year to bring our members into the process. MAPE members who are not elected members of the bargaining team will be able to witness, but not speak during the official proceedings. We will have a prep session before and a debrief afterward with our members-only in order to strategize how we can build more power for our positions.
To facilitate open bargaining, we do have to agree to some general ground rules for anyone who joins that is not on the Negotiations Team or representing MMB.

Ground Rules for Members in the Audience

  1. Camera Off
  2. Mute- Negotiations team only speaks
  3. Any comments or questions go to Someone will monitor, but please don’t expect an immediate response.
  4. No screenshots or recordings.
  5. Debrief with the team at lunch break and at end of the day
  6. Change your name using this format: First Name, Last Name, AGENCY



The proposals being discussed and times that members can join will be posted for each date as they approach.

April 6 - Present Proposals
April 22 - Temporary Unclassified
April 23
May 10
May 11
May 25
May 26
June 2
June 14 - Push Week
Sign up and get involved
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