MAPE 2023-2025 Contract Negotiations

Breaking news Tentative Agreement Reached

After a hard campaign, and a year of organizing and action, the negotiations team reached a tentative agreement with MMB. Read the overview

For the first time in more than 30 years, MAPE negotiators were able to negotiate a double-digit total increase for its members in their 2023-2025 contract. MAPE and Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) agreed to a 5.5% increase the first year and 4.5% the second year. Read more

More information, including a wage calculator and health care impacts is available in the toolkit. 

Negotiating our contract is central to our work and power as a union- it will set our working conditions for the next two years and sets the tone with management as well.

Public service is about putting the needs of others ahead of our own and working to create a better future for all. As members of this union, we do just that. Every day, MAPE members work to make sure Minnesotans have safe water to drink and clean air to breathe. We work with elderly Minnesotans, persons with disabilities, and our state’s most vulnerable, so we can all live our lives with dignity. We work to make our communities safer and ensure our state colleges and universities are training the next generation of Minnesotans. Our union proudly represents workers from A to Z: air quality specialists to zoologists and the thousands in between.

MAPE members kept the state running during the pandemic. We stepped up because that’s what public servants do. Inflation has been significant the last few years and our wages took a big hit. We need a contract for the 21st Century: wages that are competitive and fair, affordable health care and flexible workplaces. This will allow the State to recruit and retain the best workforce in order to serve Minnesotans.

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MAPE has proposals in the following areas: Telework, Definition of family, Temporary Unclassified Workers, Length of Service Credit/Vacation Accrual, Deferred Compensation, Meal Reimbursement, Student Loan Reimbursement and Across-the-Board Increases and Health Care.

MMB Proposals
MMB proposals are available in word doc form. MMB SEGIP proposals are available in a pdf.
Bargaining updates

MAPE's Negotiations team has begun meeting to prepare for bargaining in 2023.

Member Videos

Members share why the contract is important to them.