Negotiation Proposals 2021-2023

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These are the proposals the Negotiations Team has presented to Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB). 

NOTE: All proposals are what we are asking for from MMB. These are not the final versions of what we are getting in our contract. That will be clearly articulated at the conclusion of bargaining.

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Proposals are broken down by themes with an introduction to each. Follow the link to read the entire proposal.




U01 Equity Diversity Inclusion
The preamble has been updated in acknowledgment of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion practices within the contract. Additions to the body of the contract are commitments to anti-racism and an emphasis of the importance of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion to the state workforce. We have updated the existing Affirmative Action Committee language to represent the current climate and the importance of continued and expanded commitments to work toward Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.
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U02 Connect 700
This language addresses Accommodations for Connect 700 participants prior to the job begin date for successful integration into the workforce. This proposed language works to correct double probationary periods, equity in Sick Leave allowances, requests review of the termination, and provides for union representation at supervisor check-in meetings. 
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U03 Temporary & Other Unclassified
As the State is aware, MAPE has concerns with the agencies’ use of the temporary unclassified designation. The statute that allows this designation clearly states that this should only be used for positions that are “fully anticipated to be of limited duration,” yet the State does not provide any guidelines or criteria in order for agencies to meet this standard. The majority of these positions are used for roles with long-term needs and projects that go well beyond three years. Therefore, MAPE has proposals that aim to define the State’s use of this designation and requires documentation to be provided to the Union and employees upon the creation of these positions. Furthermore, there are several disparities in the current Agreement in how unclassified employees are treated compared to their classified colleagues, many of who do the same work. MAPE has proposals aimed at creating parity between these designations. Recent survey data shows that temporary unclassified employees are about 10% more likely to identify as black, indigenous, or people of color (BIPOC) than their classified counterparts. This information shows the State is more diverse where employment is less stable and provides fewer rights. 
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U04 Allow Vacation to Deferred Comp
Conversion of Vacation time to deferred comp in order to align with other bargaining units. 
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U05 Holidays
To include Juneteenth as a holiday and credit another floating Holiday for members whose holidays are not reflected in the existing state schedule. 
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U06 Length of Service Credit/ Private Sector Vacation Credit
Language includes but is not limited to covering contracting work, self-employment and expands on military service credit. The language adds timelines and requirements for documentation relating to prior work to be considered for accrual.
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U07 Pay Equity Adjustments
Language makes equity adjustments a permanent fixture from a letter into the body of the contract. Read the full proposal.

U08 Overtime- Time worked for non-exempt employees
This language eliminates differences in the “time worked” clause relating to vacation time, sick time, and holidays.
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U09 - See the last item in the Attraction & Retention theme below. 

Healthy workplace



U10 Telework
This language updates the existing telework policy and provides the right to participate and employee and supervisor/manager protocols for relationship and accountability.
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U11 Flexible Schedules/ Flex Time
To enable expanded options for flexible employee work schedules. This is intended to apply to ongoing, long-term schedule changes - not occasional needs such as shifting work hours for a medical or school appointment.
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U12 Respectful Workplace
To build and maintain a workplace that is respectful and professional toward all employees, volunteers, contractors, and other persons visiting the workplace and public service environment.
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U13 Discipline
To notify the employee of the initiation of an investigation initiation, outcome, and case closure. Also provides guidance on when the AA should utilize third-party investigators. To provide removal of Letters of Expectation and provide Union presence at the time of discipline. Lastly, to allow for employees to provide medical reasons contributing to discipline, have the investigation redone or rescinded.
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U14 Phased Retirement
To make Phased Retirement permanent in the contract.
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U15 Emergency: Disaster Leave w/Pay, Safety Committee
To incorporate communication and rehearsal of fire, active shooter, other emergencies to Local Safety Committee objectives. To provide paid leaves in the time of an emergency or disaster, natural or man-made where the continued operation would involve a threat to the health or safety of the individuals.
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U16 Voluntary Retirement Incentive
To make early retirement voluntary and available at an Agency's discretion without a triggering event.
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Mental Health & Wellbeing



U17 Paid Family Leave
To provide paid family leave.
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U18 Paid Parental Leave
To increase the amount of time available for paid parental leave.
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U19 Bereavement Leave
This proposal expands the definition of Family and broadens sick time usage.
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U20 Sick Leave Use
Update language for maternity and strike restrictive/arbitrary language.
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U21 Sick Leave Pool
To provide a source of paid sick leave to alleviate the hardship caused when an employee loses compensation as the result of a catastrophic illness or injury.
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Attraction & Retention



U22 Tuition Reimbursement
To provide equity and understanding in the distribution of Training and Development funds for reimbursement.
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U23 Tuition Waiver
To provide equitable access to education for all State employees - tuition waived for attending courses held at schools in the MN State system.
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U24 Severance Pay
To increase unused sick leave payout at the time of separation from State Service.
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U25 Deferred Compensation Increase
To increase deferred compensation match, and increase compensatory time bank conversion hours allowed.
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U26 Vacation Accruals
To increase vacation time for newer employees.
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U27 Reallocation & Job Audits
To improve the job audit and reallocation process.
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U28 Student Loan Payment Reimbursement
To provide an attraction and retention tool for the employer.
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U29 Add a step at the top/drop a step at the bottom
To provide salary increases to those at the top of their pay scale, and remove the bottom of the pay scale grid.
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U09 Allow returning state employees to maintain vacation accruals rates
To allow employees who return to state service after 4 years to maintain vacation accrual rate and allow current employees to request credit.
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Wages and Healthcare



U30 Cost of Living Adjustment
Positions need to pay competitively so that we can fill them with public servants ready to do the job. We’re proposing a fair cost of living adjustment for our members. It is needed. Salaries should keep up with inflation so we can support ourselves and our families, while we support Minnesotans recovering from the pandemic.
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