About the Restructure Process

MAPE has stood strong for over 40 years and, as we reflect on our legacy, we see that updating how we operate and interact is essential. Our past achievements and values drive us to actively embrace change, ensuring we stay relevant and effective for the future.

The Restructure Team was put together with an eye toward a more flexible and innovative future. Our goal is to ensure MAPE is a union ready for our members' changing needs and the new ways we work.

The team is doing the work in phases. The first phase is happening now through April 30, 2024, with the goal of engaging as many stakeholders as we can. Be on the lookout for restructure meetings in your MAPE spaces!

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Adam and Kristin presenting at Officer Training

Team Members

  • Adam Novotny, Team Leader, Region 11

  • Kristin¬†Kirchoff-Franklin, Team Leader, Statewide Secretary

  • Jed Becher, Region 1

  • Bobbie Miller-Thomas, Region 2

  • Vernitta Moore, Region 5

  • Nathan Hierlmaier, Region 6

  • Michael Diedrich, Region 10

  • Danelle Gorra, Region 11

  • Cathy Finken, Region 20

  • Suzanne Al-Kayali, Staff

  • Janaya Arellano, Staff

  • Britton Mikkelsen, Staff