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Creating healthy work environments can only happen when we have the help of our representational teams including stewards, chief stewards and regional leads. The anti-bullying task force has developed a number of resources for our stewards that follow this goal.

Representation tips

We've compiled a list of best practices for stewards representing members as they come forward with a formal complaint under the Respectful Workplace Policy.

Steward videos

Prior to the development of the policy, we were already learning lessons about representing members in a bullying work environment. The stewards involved share their experiences through these steward videos.


An essential pieces of the guidebook we'd like to focus on is the checklist for stewards that will provide a path for best representation.

Help members document behaviors

In order to prove bullying behavior, it is imperative to document and create a pattern log of that behavior. Many times when a member is being bullied, it is hard for them to focus on the most important pieces to bring together as evidence of the behaviors. Management won't take any steps to curb bullying, unless there is clear evidence to show it exists. MAPE offers you this form to help put the pieces together. In your representational guidebook, you will find a bullying incident log for members. This tool will help focus the behaviors and facts.

Complete MAPE's formal complaint

As a member utilize The Respectful Workplace Policy you will see there's both an informal and a formal process for complaints. If what the member is experiencing has been defined as bullying, MAPE believes in using the formal complaint process. The policy itself features a sample form for such a complaint, but MAPE has engineered our own form for your use if you should choose.

Guidebook video

We've also created a video that highlights key components and resources within the Guidebook. Narrated by members of MAPE's Anti-Bullying Task Force, this four-minute video will give you a great overview of the tools available in the Guidebook.

Member survey template

Use this survey to collect information regarding work environment from all employees in a work group. Ask employees in the affected work area to complete the survey and return to their steward or MAPE Central.