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MAPE's contract

The collective bargaining agreement does have language that references your work environment. The state has made commitments to healthy work environments and in fact, references bullying specifically in the contract and the Respectful Workplace Policy.

Contract language

Article 4
Section 4: General Policy
Section 4 is modified to include reference to the Respectful Workplace policy, as follows: In order to provide and maintain a productive work environment, it shall be the policy of the Employer and the Association to encourage bargaining unit employees, Association Stewards, supervisors, and managers to interact with each other with mutual respect and dignity, recognizing that legitimate differences will arise. Refer to letter dated Aug. 3, 2005 and Feb. 29, 2012, located in the Letters section of this contract and HR/LR Policy #1432 Respectful Workplace issued April 10, 2015.

Additional contract language tied to work environment

Article 22
Health and Job Safety
Section 1: General Policy
It shall be the policy of the employer to provide for the health and safety of its employees by providing safe and healthful working conditions, safe work areas and safe and healthful work methods.

Contract letters