MAPE Members Stepping Up State Employees Going Above and Beyond

 Thank you to all of our amazing members who went above and beyond during the worst of the pandemic. The state works because we do! 

Tim Walz

Throughout the pandemic, many MAPE members did not have the option of working from the safety of their home or they would not be able to provide the services that Minnesotans depend on. Here are some of their stories who worked in dangerous situations or incurred additional costs to help Minnesota.

Frontline Worker and COVID-19 Stories


Carrie Klumb

Carrie Klumb, Dept. of Health, Local 902

We’re the voice for healthcare workers on the frontlines
Steph Meyer

Stephanie Meyer, Dept. of Health, Region 9 Director

We’re trying to draw a circle around each case
Quote from Melynda

Melynda Ankney, DEED, Local 1703

Answering the Call
Sophia Walsh

Sophia Walsh, Dept of Health. Local 2001

Helping businesses serve food safely during the pandemic
Lois Tucke

Lois Tucke, Deaf and Hard of Hearing services at DOC, Region 13 Director, MAPE steward

Thinking Creatively
Picture of Maureen

Maureen Dunaway, DEED Local 501

Working Hard
Faribault prison

Lori Soderholm, MCF-Faribault

Stepping up in a time of need
Maureen Leeds

Maureen Leeds, MN Dept. of Health, Local 902

Working with healthcare workers exposed to COVID-19

Ken Eichman, CARE St. Peter. Dept. of Human Services

"I knew I could help."
DOC masks

Sarah Hagen, DOC - Lino Lakes

Nearly 250 masks later ...

MNIT Services

Real-Time Collaboration
Monica Weber

Monica Weber, DNR, Local 101

Protecting Taxpayer Money

Jenna Trisko, Bemidji State University

Grant writing for the greater good

Esther Hollander Felsen, DEED - CareerForce

An ear to listen and a shoulder to lean on
Picture of Lonnie

Lonie Goldsberry, MMB, Local 701

Drawing the line

Kirsten Peterson, DEED Meet and Confer Chair, Region 18 Chief Steward

Outreach, Organizing and Advocacy

Ben Nagel, Minnesota State, Winona State University IT

"We have your back."
Lorraine Dame

Lorraine Dame, MNIT, Local 1102

We want to let veterans know we appreciate their service

Jeff Plaman, Minnesota Dept. of Education

Providing Support to Educators
Temp Space for College Copboard

Normandale Community College

Campus Cupboard Remains a Priority

Carol Berg, Dept. of Transportation, Local 801

Ensuring Processes Work and are Continually Improved
Molly Nelson

Molly Nelson, Dep. of Natural Resources, Parks and Trails, Local 1801

Park and Trails Remain Open
Bishop Mary

Bishop Marty Shanahan, Center for Changing Lives, Dept. of Corrections

The Pandemics Manifested
Dave Seipel

David Seipel, Local 901

Meat Inspector, MN Dept. of Agriculture

LeiLani Hauge, Dept. of Health, Direct Care and Treatment, Local 1602

Helping patients return to their communities in a safe and sober manner