Carol Berg, Dept. of Transportation, Local 801 Ensuring Processes Work and are Continually Improved

As the COVID-19 crisis has hit Minnesota, I stepped up to serve Minnesotans and keep our state running. I work in the Department of Transportation’s Office of Administration, assisting employees and management to improve their business processes. My services, and those of everyone in the office’s Business Integration Section, are in high demand, and service requests have increased during COVID-19 in a telework environment. Our customers increasingly rely on our electronic document management system, automated workflows for document processing, and technical support. I am on the team of Business Analysts who first help customers model current processes, identify opportunities and model process improvements. Other teams in our section build automated solutions to deliver those process improvements and provide critical and non-critical support services. Recent increases in work requests speak volumes about the value our section provides to MnDOT and its customers state-wide. We help them realize efficiency gains and cost savings too.