Procedures for completing lost time forms and submission

All MAPE members or local officers seeking payment of hourly wages for work done on behalf of MAPE must complete the Lost Time Expense Report completely and submit to the local treasurer.

More information related to Lost Time, including an FAQ, can be found on this Financial Forms webpage.

ALL Locals:

  • Review/approve and sign the lost time expense form.
  • Submit completed form to the MAPE Financial Specialist.
  • MAPE Financial Specialist will process the payroll request and create the check to send to the member directly.
  • Local treasurers will need to reference their next MAPE Financial Statement to capture the amount for wages and taxes that were paid.

NOTE: All lost time request must be processed at MAPE central for tax purposes.

To complete the Lost Time Expense Report:

  • Complete the left side of the form
    -- Name
    -- Address
    -- Phone
    -- Date, Place & Time of meeting (if applicable)
    -- Committee Name – Enter your local number here
  • Complete the right side of the form – this must be completed in full to receive your payment. Helpful tools to find this information are the contract and the employee self-serve website
    -- Rate of Pay
    -- Lost Hours/Travel Hours
    -- Lost hours cannot exceed the number of regularly worked hours per day.
    -- Travel hours can only be claimed if you spent more than your regular work schedule doing MAPE business and had to travel more than 100 miles round trip (50 miles or more one way).
    -- Travel hours are figured using your mileage traveled divided by 55 (miles per hour)
    -- Gross pay – the number of lost hours + travel hours multiplied by your hourly wage
    -- Indicate if you flex the day you are claiming lost time, i.e. flex day working 9 or 10 hours, flex day off
    -- Indicate the type of leave that is being used on the State Payroll timesheet – this is important for determining if someone is eligible for additional reimbursement in lieu of leave accruals
    -- MSRS deduction – Check to request MAPE deduct the employee contribution amount from your MAPE lost time. If you are using vacation time from your job, you do not need this because that will already be covered through your state payroll.
    -- Check if you have attached or already completed a W-4 (NOTE: All members claiming lost time must fill this out to have on file. Your lost time will not be paid without it)
    -- Sign and date the bottom certifying the information on the form