Local Treasurers' Duties

  1. Understand and comply with the following MAPE policies:
    a. Reimbursement Policy
    b. Donations Policy
    c. Local Checkbook Policy (if the local has a checkbook)
    d. Local Budget Policy
    e. Stipend and Recognition Policy
  2. Adopt the MAPE reimbursement policy or establish a separate reimbursement policy for the local that is more restrictive.
  3. Adopt the MAPE Donations Policy or establish a separate policy for the local.
  4. Prepare a budget for each calendar year using the template on the MAPE website and submit to the Statewide Treasurer (Finance Committee) by January 1st once it has been approved by local membership.
  5. Local expenses – Approve, complete, verify and sign required expense forms and send (via fax or email) to the MAPE Financial Specialist.
    a. Local Expense Reimbursement Request Form – Must be completed in full and include receipts and a list of meeting attendees when applicable.
    b. Expenses $500 or less – one signer, preferably the Treasurer, is needed to authorize the expense.
    c. Expenses over $500 – Two signers, the treasurer and another local officer, are need to authorize the expense.
    d. Lost Time – Treasurer or Local officer must verify and sign lost time expense reports and submit to the MAPE Financial Specialist for payment.
    e. Any expense reimbursement forms submitted by the treasurer must be signed by another local officer.
  6. Maintain a checkbook type ledger to verify the local balance with MAPE’s tabulation on a monthly basis.
  7. Make a report to the local concerning local income, expenses and balances at the regular meeting.
  8. Provide information to a local audit committee at the beginning of each year for the previous year’s expenses.
  9. Suggested retention of records is 3+ years.