About us

MAPE members work in all segments of state of Minnesota service, and they are significant contributors to the high quality of life that is enjoyed by all Minnesotans! MAPE members deliver the services that make it all possible!

Here's a snapshot of what MAPE members do each day to help make this state a better place for all Minnesotans to live, both at work and at play.

Whether you’re into fishing, hunting, boating, hiking, bird watching, camping or any of the other outdoor interests, Minnesota is a great place to live.

Our members help guard the environment. They help to ensure that the food and water supply is safe for the general public.

MAPE members oversee the insurance, apartment rental and sales industries. They make life a bit better when Minnesotans get their hair cut, and when they visit the state's zoo. They help keep our buildings safe, and they help resolve tax problems. Our financial and legislative auditors help keep a watchful eye on government. They also make life better for our military veterans.

From arson to murder, MAPE's forensic scientists help solve some of the most difficult criminal cases. Our members also work as parole experts.

MAPE members at the Department of Human Services work together with other members of the community to ensure that the most vulnerable of Minnesota residents are well cared for. We license nursing homes to be sure that our elders are safe, and foster care homes to ensure that kids who need a second chance will have one. Along with county workers, we provide assistance to those who need help with child care costs in order to work, and those who need help paying for medical bills. We provide policy and automation support to any number of social service agencies around the state. We work hard to make sure that Minnesota remains a comfortable and caring place to grow up and grow old in.

Our psychologists and treatment therapists at the departments of Corrections and Human Services work with the most difficult segments of this state's population. Those who are the most severely physically and mentally disabled reside in our regional treatment centers. Convicted felons receive chemical dependency counseling and sex offender treatment while serving their sentences.

The state's post-secondary educational system stays on track thanks to MAPE members. They set up training classes to fit industry needs, and counsel and assist students in their educational journeys at community colleges, vocational/technical schools and state universities.

MAPE members counsel and train those who have lost their jobs, and help them to find new work and build new careers. They help injured workers receive disability benefits or retraining.

MAPE computer professionals design, build and maintain computer systems that make it possible to conveniently access a wealth of programs and services. MAPE members research and provide information to the Minnesota Legislature to help develop laws and policy.

MAPE also represents the professional and supervisory employees in Babbit, Balaton, Canby, Cannon Falls, Cass Lake, Chisholm, Dilworth, Faribault, Forest Lake, Granite Falls, Hibbing, Little Falls, Minneota, Nashwauk, Tower, Tyler, Virginia and Warren.