Corrections Meet and Confer minutes Jan 29, 2019

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Department of Corrections Meet and Confer
January 29, 2019

Present for MAPE: Cheri Humphrey, Brian Moreau, Jill Tharalson, Debbie Prokopf and Lina Jamoul
Present for Management: Bruce Reiser, Al Godfrey, Michelle Smith, Nan Larson, and Lisa Wojcik, Kelley Heifort, Jackie Sovick Lonne.

Update on Sports Medicine Specialist Hay Study-
MAPE requested an update on the Sports Medicine Specialist Hay Study. Management stated the memo regarding the Sports Medicine Specialist class was submitted to MMB on January 23, 2018. The memo included a summary of the Hay rating that occurred in August 2017, a salary range reassignment request, and a class title request.

Update on Internship policy for non-student employees: A meeting has not been scheduled, continued till next meeting.

Performance Reviews at Shakopee: MAPE expressed concerns that the performance review template used at MCF-Shakopee was different and asked how it impacted an employee going through the caseworker career promotional process. Management stated the caseworker career promotional process was modified and the performance review requirements now state, “The performance reviews during the past two years indicating that the applicant has an overall performance rating of “satisfactory” or above and a performance rating of “fully meets standards” or above in all responsibilities.” Because of the change to the performance requirements, this issue is resolved.
Security at Facilities (any available updates): The Staff Victimization Committee continues to meet. A Staff wellness website is looking at being developed and whether it should be on the DOC public internet site so employees can access the information from home. MCF-Stillwater has reduced the number of double bunks in two living units. CISM was offered at the majority of the facilities. Todd Kohl is under contract with the DOC and can assist facilities when needed.

Meet and Confer – Changes to members on both sides:
MAPE stated they will potentially have new members for the next meeting. MAPE will update management when possible. Management stated they are also reviewing who is on the committee and will update MAPE when possible.

Integrated Case Management (ICM): An ICM subcommittee meeting was held to discuss where we are at with ICM and next steps. Bridget Letnes is going to each facility and meeting with caseworkers. Bridget also met with all of the Corrections Program Directors. Bridget is working with Grant Duwe to develop a survey to see who out in the community is providing like services through case planning. MAPE sees the ICM process as being fractured. They report workload issues between ICM Caseworkers and non ICM caseworkers. Management agrees that there remain issues with ICM implementation and
quality assurance. MAPE is concerned about employees wasting their time, and the department wasting
resources on a program that may not be operating in a manner that it was meant to. Management
stated that there is value any time professional staff are working one to one with offenders on
increasing cognitive skills and decreasing behavior issues. Management asked to keep this topic on the
agenda and we will discuss it further at the next meeting.

Recruitment Efforts: MAPE stated that they were asked to think about recruitment efforts for the DOC.
MAPE also heard that Corrections Officers are not being allowed to take work-out-of-class (WOOC)
opportunities. Management stated that AFSCME requested that corrections officers not be approved
for WOOC opportunities outside of the corrections officer ranks. Management stated WOOC
opportunities are being heavily scrutinized as we are in a crisis with corrections officer staffing. DOC
hired two temporary unclassified recruiters to assist with recruitments efforts.