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You look like you're up for a challenge!

How about joining MAPE’s biggest endeavor this fall?
We’re calling it MAPE-tober.

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It’s the biggest organizing effort ever coordinated by your Organizing Council with the support of the Political Council and Negotiations Committee.

During MAPE-tober, we will reinforce member engagement through:
  • strengthening membership;
  • supporting Contract Action Teams; and
  • talking to voters about candidates who support MAPE priorities.
This is crucial because:
  • Strong membership numbers mean strength at the bargaining table.
  • Building strong Contract Action Teams with clear issue campaigns will be critical to produce the power necessary to fight for big wins at the negotiations table in 2023.
  • November’s midterm elections will decide if we will have an anti-government, anti-labor Governor and majority in the House and Senate.
How MAPE-tober will work:
  • We need 20+ people committed to organizing all day, each weekday in October.
  • This work will be fully paid on lost time.
    • Which we encourage Locals to cover. For a handful of Locals that may not have sufficient funds to cover the amount of lost time needed, the Board of Directors has designated dollars to cover lost time.
Sample Day
Here is an example of what a day in MAPE-tober will look like.
Here is information you can use to ask other members to join MAPE-tober.