MAPEtober sample day schedule

Publish Date

8:00 AMWelcomeintroductions for all participants (in-person / hybrid Zoom for Greater MN Locals) Leaders receive light refreshment breakfast and build solidarity / connection with other member leader participants

8:30 AMTraining for the day: how to have a membership conversation / how to perform a house visit / how to have a contract / negotiations conversation Leaders receive refresher trainings on how to have a membership conversation or how to have conversations that can build up our Contract Action Teams. Training dependent on participants and options for the day.

9:30 AM: Members travel to their turf or political district.

10:00 AMDoorknock for MAPE-endorsed candidate Jamie Becker-Finn Ginny Klevorn / or Jay Xiong (or Greater MN candidate) Leaders support MAPE-endorsed candidates on the doors in targeted races or races near / in their own districts.

1:00 PM: Lunch is provided for leaders at the MAPE office.

2:00 PM: Members will conduct house visits focused around contract conversations and membership recruitment.

4:30 PM: Day is completed. Member leaders record data around contract conversations and membership digitally. Members return home. Member leaders are free to debrief with their Business Agent or participate in a rolling, end of the week debrief each Friday afternoon.