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MAPE PAC directs political action by providing election campaign support in the form of financial contributions, screening and endorsing Minnesota candidates, and working on campaigns for people who support us as state employees. More Information

MAPE endorsement list

Endorsement Process: The MAPE PAC screens candidates at their request; the PAC does not seek out candidates to endorse. Once a candidate has requested a screening, an invite to all other pro-labor candidates involved in that particular race is sent out. The PAC asks candidates questions regarding MAPE priorities specific to that office, as well as questions regarding their campaign. The PAC Board may vote to endorse, not endorse, or defer endorsement until a later time. The PAC also has an automatic endorsement process for incumbent legislators who have a lifetime voting record of 90 percent or higher. The voting record is calculated from the legislative session vote scores, which are informed by the MAPE legislative priorities. In extraordinary circumstances, the PAC may vote to withhold an incumbent's automatic endorsement.