2022 MAPE Leadership Training Series

Member leaders are invited to take part in as many trainings as they can attend in this nine-part series. Trainings will be recorded and posted on this webpage following the training, but members are encouraged to participate firsthand if your schedule allows. 

Every other Monday at noon, starting January 10.

1. Jan. 10 at noon: Union Formation Fundamentals

Staff and member trainers will run through a brief history of the labor movement, why labor is important, how we build power together and why telling our story as members is so important.

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2. Jan. 24 at noon: How To Have An Organizing Conversation

Learn the process of how to call to action, how to handle tough questions and how to identify and cultivate new leaders. 

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3. Feb. 7 at noon: Issue Campaigns, Part 1

This important topic will cover two trainings. Learn how to organize around key issues, including how to identify your target, building teams and what success looks like. 

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4. Feb. 28 at noon: Issue Campaigns, Part 2

The second part of the Issue Campaign training will cover how to connect with other unions, clarifying purpose and goal, and evaluation.

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5. Mar. 21 at noon: Meetings- Engagement & Facilitation

Learn tips on how to schedule and best prepare to host a meeting, how to run an engaging virtual meeting and facilitation skills. 

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6. Mar. 28 at noon: What does it mean to be a virtual/remote organization

How do we remain strong and build power through remote organizations? Join in the discussion! Register

7. Apr. 11 at noon: Using Digital Tools to Organize

Learn how to use to key technology to help run a virtual and in-person meeting. Register

8. Apr. 25 at noon: Enforcement & Organizing: Joining Forces

Organizing is key to our union's success and is reflected in our contract. Enforcement ensures our contract is upheld. Learn how they work together to create a powerful union. Register

9. May 9 at noon: Organizing Actions

Why are member actions important? How do they fit into a campaign cycle? How do we plan and execute? Join this training to find out. Register