Staff Minnesota Association of Professional Employees (MAPE)

Mike Asmus
Interim Executive Director
Devin Bruce
Director of Legislative and Political Affairs
Ashley Erickson
Director of Communications
for media inquiries
Todd Maki
Operations Director
MAPE Management Pictures
Elected Executive Leadership
Megan Dayton
Statewide President
Department of Administration, 658 Cedar St, Saint Paul, MN 55155-1604
Picture of Megan Dayton Statewide Picture
Business Agents
Contract administration, advocacy, representation, and organizing
Kelly Ahern
Business Agent
Locals 1401 and 1402, and cities of Chisholm, Hibbing, Nashwauk, and Virginia
Janaya Arellano
Business Agent
Locals 501, 502, and 1902
Frank Cave-LaCoste
Business Agent
Locals 602, 1201, 1203, and 1304
Dan Engelhart
Business Agent
Locals 101, 1001, and 1002
Alex Erickson
Business Agent
Locals 601, 1102, and 1501
Nic Frey
Business Agent
Locals 401 and 1701
David Hearth
Business Agent
Locals 801, 802, 1801, and Granite Falls
Adam Kamp
Business Agent
Locals 1101, 1901, 2001, and Houston County
Lyz Losie
Business Agent
Locals 701 and 1903
Peter Marincel
Business Agent
Locals 901 and 902
Britton Mikkelsen
Business Agent
Locals 201, 1202, 1502, and Forest Lake
Meron Negussie
Business Agent
Locals 1301 and 2101
Amanda Prince
Business Agent
Locals 1302, 1303, 1601, 1602, and Osakis
Rich Ransom
Business Agent
Locals 301, 1702, and 1703
MAPE Business agents
Picture of MAPE Business Agents
Business & financial
Suzanne Al-Kayali
Operations Specialist
Davia Curran
Membership Database/Information Technology Specialist
Julie R. Lee
Financial Specialist
Sierra Plunkett
Administrative Specialist
Zen Nguyen
Accounting Specialist
Pictures of Operations Staff
Roberta Heine
Public Relations Coordinator
for media inquiries
Cynthia Isaacson
Communications Coordinator
MAPE Communications Staff
Legislative and Political Affairs
Andrew Virden
Public Affairs Coordinator
Legislative Staff Picture