Code of conduct

Approved by the MAPE Employee Rights Committee (ERC) 10/16/02, 3/15/24

  1. A MAPE steward must represent loyalty to the organization and its membership at all times. This accountability supersedes any conflicting loyalty with the employer, interest groups, other elected office or committee appointment.

  2. Stewards must avoid conflict of interest with respect to their role as Steward as defined by MAPE Constitution and Bylaws, the MAPE Contract, MAPE Policy Manual, state and federal laws.
    A) MAPE stewards, as required by law, will fairly and equally represent all MAPE members. If there is a conflict of interest, the Steward will make every effort to ensure that the member(s) is/are represented fairly.
    B) MAPE Stewards will respect data privacy and will not divulge or discuss individual member information regarding grievances with anyone other than MAPE certified Stewards or MAPE staff directly involved with administering the MAPE contract.
    C) Regional Stewards Directors will respect decisions made by vote or consensus by the ERC as a body or the chair of the ERC. Individual positions of ERC members will not be discussed outside the ERC.