Procedures for completing a checkbook audit

Locals with checkbooks must complete a checkbook audit every year and submit to the Statewide Treasurer (Finance Committee) by March 15th for expenses from the previous year. Prior to the annual checkbook audit the local treasurer will provide the following to the Local Audit Committee:

a. Completed Expense Reconciliation Form.
b. Annual budget.
c. Expense forms and receipts.
d. Bank statements.
e. MAPE Reimbursement, Donations, and Local Checkbook Policies.
f. Local Audit Committee Report form.

An audit committee will need to be formed with the following criteria and instruction:

  • Ask for 3 local members to volunteer to audit the checkbook activity. These cannot be officers or anyone with signatory rights on the checkbook as this is a conflict of interest.
  • Audit Committee will need to review all expenses for proper signatures and that all expenses were within policy and budget.
  • The specific criteria that needs to be reviewed is on the Audit Report document.
  • All 3 participants of the audit committee need to complete and sign the audit report.
  • Submit audit report to Statewide Treasurer (Finance Committee) no later than March 15th each year

If the local does not complete the required checkbook audit, the MAPE Finance Committee will request all local expense documentation and will complete the audit on behalf of the local. The local will be charged for the Finance Committee expenses, including lost time and travel expenses.