Winona State Meet and Confer Minutes-December 10, 2019 Dec 10, 2019

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MAPE Meet and Confer Minutes

December 10, 2019

2:00 – 3:00 pm

Maxwell 204


MAPE: Ben Nagel, Bill Soranno, John Yearous, Jay Smith, Robin Delong


Administration: President Olsen; VP Scott Ellinghuysen, Facilities & Finance; VP Jonathan Locust, Inclusion & Diversity; VP Andrea Michelson; VP Ken Janz, Library & Info Systems; VP & Provost Ted Reilly, Academic Affairs; Lori Reed, Human Resources




  • New Contract Language
    • Student Loan Reimbursement Language in 2019-2021 MAPE contract - how will WSU implement this language?

They've had a discussion about it… this is a pilot… don't think they have local decision authority… this is a mn state decision. Scott doesn't think it’s a good idea to pilot, need to work bugs out, etc.  Lori said this needs to come from MN  State…doesn't think it's up to campus for implementation.  Not a good thing to be first one out of the shoot.

    • Letters of expectation:  will be removed once the terms are met and employee contacts HR, correct?

Based on language Lori says "may be" removed… they will check w/supervisors to see if there are further infractions, then remove.  If employee meets the terms of the letter of expectation, they can request removal. Typically, a letter of expectation can only be removed after six months.  Lori will follow-up with MN State HR to verify actual process.


  • WSU Budget
    • What does the $54.2million supplemental budget request mean to WSU?

$2.9 million for Winona State (graph provided). Scott unsure how senate will react (thinks house & governor may support). LEADMN testified against… is a 2-year student organization, to the Board of Trustees… IFO testified in favor, everybody but 2 yeas students in support of.  Scott. E… state has a 1.3 Billion… this is a base request, nextgen needs to have continual support… anywhere from 10 percent to 20% They will be putting forth video demos.

    • What might the budget cuts look like in practice?

The cabinet is having a retreat on Monday to consider what comes in via Deans and VP's… which is the first step in the process…

    • What are our current initiatives to counteract the decreases in enrollment?

Retention efforts: Campus Nexus… has campus early warning built in. Considering replacements for Advisor Track and Tutor Track…. Part of “Tomorrows Technology” initiative… creating flags for students who don't log in, to get the early warning, etc… both developing. 

Admissions efforts: Additional position in the admissions office already green lighted… big challenge at the moment is transfer.  Ed Doc, Masters of Social Work, members of MAPE helping with this-- but these are grad programs, so not as big… we are very susceptible to high school grad levels… the good news is that there are many other opportunities or us to develop new initiatives… Scott lays out a drawn graph showing drop in numbers of student HS grads, through 2025 to 2020-35.  Scott says to settle on a standard size, etc… to ride out the variance in trends.  Try to find ways to be better.  Adult learners, online programs, completion programs are all untapped resources at this point- things that could be added.


  • Member Concerns
    • Phased retirement:  is WSU considering offering this as an option to MAPE members?

MN State is NOT participating in the pilot.  As an agency, NOT participating.

    • Salary Savings leave:  does this impact departmental budgets?

Who saves?  Departments?  Goes back to whichever fund the employee is paid out of… (has to be requested - will be evaluated on a case by case basis)

    • Will there be a BESI offered during the coming fiscal year?

Cabinet hasn't talked about any of these- will be discussed next Monday.




  • University Updates as Pertinent (Admin)
    • Research Day

Research Day Idea… Scott asks for support… will occur during Spring Semester… students can fully engage with undergraduate research.  Either presenting/collaborating, etc… would like MAPE to consider any unforeseen consequences, etc… will be two week before the end of the semester… doesn't really affect academic schedule… College of Sci/Engineering… any thoughts would be appreciated… next meet & confer, emails, etc.  Looking for feedback on the enriched undergrad research experience… a way of further cementing this is what we are about.

    • Equity 2030 first steps

Chancellor interested in closing opportunity gaps due to socio-economic status, ethnicity, first generation status. Need to know exactly what’s going on… WSU is forming a workgroup to meet only for spring semester, look at what data do we currently have or don't have to use to make evaluation…  the actual work of closing the gaps is not the work of this committee, rather what it will take to make the evaluation.

    • Facilities

Started the sim lab project in Rochester, two bonding tours… CECIL (plan to get rid of Watkins and Gildemeister) build geotherm/solar (net-zero) building… favorably received at this point… ½ to 2/3 of the way down on the MN State bond plan… only asking for design money at this point… if planning funds approved, will take 2-years to plan, total 4-5 years out… best case scenario… single building that will be home of Computer Design, would be a reduction of 5000 sq/ft, etc… (with one building) novelty of net zero may get some interest from pols…

    • Legislative: see notes above


  • Initiatives (Admin)
    • Inclusive Excellence

Staff have been doing a short survey to collect data - which programs will best predict academic success

    • Tomorrow’s Technology
    • Engagement
    • Student Experience