Weathering (snow) storms

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If there’s one thing Minnesotans can count on, it’s that their state services will be provided come rain or come shine. Or snow. That’s just how dedicated MAPE employees work.

Another thing Minnesotans can count on is inclement winter weather.

We’ve been fortunate not to have a spate of 20-below temperatures and school closings greet us this month as we did a year ago. Despite the recent January thaw, we all know that fresh snow will most likely be greeting us again in February. A few members have contacted us asking what the rules are around using leave for school closings.

State employees are not allowed to use sick leave to stay home with their children when their school is cancelled. Employees will need to use vacation or work from home (with permission) if they can’t make it in. Each agency has its own policy.

Meet and Confer teams address this issue with management but the results are not consistent. They vary by agency and even by supervisor. Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) determines whether to call weather emergencies and has final authority to grant emergency pay.

MMB announces weather emergencies and office closures through several channels such as notifying local media, posting information on the MMB emergency website, posting information on Twitter (@MMBCommunicates) and Facebook (Minnesota Management and Budget).   

Members are encouraged to work with their agency Meet and Confer teams to improve current agency policy.