Walz wins re-election, Democrats take over MN Senate and House

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For the first time since 2014, labor will hold majorities in the Minnesota House and Senate, in addition to the governor’s office, attorney general, secretary of state and auditor.

MAPE President Megan Dayton on a door knock with her daughter

“Our MAPE members are proud that Minnesotans re-elected Gov. Tim Walz, other constitutional officers, and forward-thinking legislative candidates to win control of the Minnesota Senate and House of Representatives,” MAPE President Megan Dayton said. “Voters showed they approved of how Gov. Walz and other labor-endorsed officials have led the state for the last few years. Minnesotans know they will fight for a strong working class, women’s health care, better schools for our kids and safer communities.” 

MAPE PAC Chair Monica Weber said the election results mean Minnesotans believe in good government and the ability of good government to operate. “What it means to MAPE is we have people in charge who recognize our value. We have allies in the Legislature who value our work and what the agencies do, and understand agency budgets,” she added.

MAPE PAC chair monica weber

MAPE’s Political Action Committee (PAC) endorsed hundreds of pro-labor candidates this year. “We salute all MAPE members who worked hard to elect candidates supporting Minnesota workers and their families. It’s also great to see two MAPE members win legislative seats in the House: Amanda Hemmingsen Jaeger in District 47A and Kim Hicks in District 25A,” Dayton said.

MAPE members knocked on thousands of doors and dialed thousands of phone numbers as they door knocked and phone banked to help elect pro-labor candidates. Weber noted that the election results show collective bargaining will remain intact in Minnesota, “We will not become Wisconsin – we were so close to that line. I was just reading that one of the first bills the newly elected labor legislature in Michigan wants to pass is a repeal of their right-to-work law.”