Virtual outreach fosters connections, new members

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Virtual Outreach Night 1

Leaders from 19 locals last week contacted hundreds of MAPE-represented employees hired in the last two years as part of our first virtual membership outreach effort. In addition to recruiting new members who joined MAPE, many participants reported having thoughtful conversations with colleagues they had never met before.

During the three evenings of making personal phone calls to non-members, over 40 member leaders and activists reached out to more than half of MAPE’s locals, some even offering to help call employees in locals other than their own. For some, making calls to strangers came naturally, the chatter flowing, and the connections being built across phone lines and county lines.

“After getting comfortable making political calls last fall, I was excited to connect with some

Virtual Outreach Night 2

of my colleagues who haven’t yet joined our union,” said Sarah Weiss, MAPE Local 1002 and Organizing Council member. “I got to meet and talk to people I may never have otherwise crossed paths with, and we all shared the common experience of being state employees navigating a 2021 workplace.”

For others, this was their first time doing any kind of membership outreach through MAPE.

“I was thrilled to see so many new faces during our membership outreach events last week,” said Organizing Council Chair Sarah Evans. “We’re always trying to think of new ways to reach out to our members and connect with our colleagues, and doing a virtual membership recruitment event seemed like a natural fit for the world that revolves around Zoom meetings these days.”

Virtual Outreach Night 3

MAPE’s Organizing Council will be planning additional outreach events, so if you missed this one, or are interested in doing more outreach, contact someone from the OC and let them know you’d like to be a part of our next event.