Steward Spotlight: Region 7

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Steward Region 7

When asked what her favorite part of being a chief steward is, Region 7’s Lonie Goldsberry said, “It’s the idea of advocating on behalf of others and helping them learn how to advocate for themselves. It means that people really do have to be involved and be aware of their situations and how to advocate for themselves.”

When Goldsberry started with the State in 2012, she didn’t join MAPE right away, but got involved a couple of years later because “I realized this union is my tool and how I can influence my own job by becoming active,” she said.

Though she started in an AFSCME position at Metro State, Goldsberry now works as a SWIFT trainer for Minnesota Management and Budget and is the chief steward of MAPE Region 7, a role she enjoys for many reasons.

“I really enjoy being a chief steward - working with the other stewards, trying to help mentor them and see how they change their approach to helping members as they learn,” she said. 

Goldsberry said she’s proud of many steward victories in her region, but one story stands out - A member was having trouble hitting their metrics, but Goldsberry helped that member come up with a plan for meeting workload metrics. ‘

Now 18 months later, Goldsberry and this member continue to check in weekly, and the member’s supervisor has acknowledged the improved working relationship and output with this member.

“This member now has more joy and passion, and a better relationship with their supervisor,” Goldsberry said.