Retroactive pay, SEGIP update 2017-19 contract

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Short-term and long-term disability update

For state employees who were hired as temporary but are moving to permanent status, SEGIP confirmed Tuesday that starting May 1 there will be a special opportunity to enroll in short-term and long-term disability. Additional information will be announced by Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB).

Retroactive pay

MMB has set May 11 as the date MAPE employees will receive retroactive pay increases as a result of our approved 2017-19 contract. See below information from MMB:

  • May 11: Retroactive pay for July 1, 2017, through April 17, 2018, will be paid on May 11, 2018, paychecks.
Previously posted answers to questions ...

Below you will find answers to questions we are being asked about MAPE's 2017-19 contract:

Q: When will we get the retroactive increase to our deferred compensation match to $200 (up from $100)?
A: A memo on payroll related changes for the 2017-19 agreements went to payroll and human resources staff on April 5. The changes for the deferred compensation match were in place for processing the April 13 paycheck. MAPE employees who currently have a deferred compensation deduction will automatically receive the increased match beginning with their April 13 paychecks.

If an employee does not have a current deferred compensation deduction, then the match processing does not occur automatically. If an employee has contributed $200 during the fiscal year and does not have a current deferred compensation deduction, then the employee should contact their payroll or human services staff person and request the match. Their agency staff person will work with Statewide Payroll Services to have the match manually processed.

Q: When will we get our cost-of-living raises and back pay?
A: According to Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB):

  • Eligible employees will receive a 2 percent salary increase retroactive to July 1, 2017. Expect to see the adjustment to your paycheck in May.
  • Eligible employees will receive a 2.25 percent salary increase effective July 1, 2018. Expect to see the adjustment to your paycheck in July.

Q: Are separated employees allowed to request their back pay similar to the previous contract?
A: Employees who separate or have separated should submit a written request to their human resources personnel. Questions can be submitted to agency human resource personnel as well. We strongly encourage requests to be submitted prior to separation when possible.

Q: What insurance changes will we see with the new contract?
A: From MMB:

  • Starting May 1, 2018: Zero copay for online care and convenience clinics.
  • Starting May 1, 2018: Employees who move from temporary to permanent status can elect short-term/long-term disability coverage.
  • Starting Jan. 1, 2019: Expanded dental benefit set (such as no copay for sealants, orthodontia benefits, and more. Find full list online) as well as increased premium. Go here:

Q: Why do I have to wait until Jan. 1, 2019, to take advantage of expanded dental benefits?
A: Since the expanded dental benefits are more costly to employees compared to current coverage, employees must elect to receive that expanded coverage and pay the increased premium rate. These kinds of elections are only possible during open enrollment, giving employees the option to opt out of the increased coverage. And while the contract says it takes effect on Jan 1, 2018, it's only implemented once employees open enroll and opt-in for the new benefits and accept the increased costs.

Q: Is paid parental leave included in our 2017-19 contract?
A: Yes. Up to six weeks of paid parental leave is now incorporated into MAPE's contract.

Q: How do I obtain credit toward vacation accruals from previous private sector employment related to my current state job?
A: We don’t have the exact answer from Minnesota Management and Budget to this question yet. When we do, we’ll pass it along.

For more information, go here: MAPE's 2017-19 contract