Railroad workers over corporate profits: Statement by MAPE President Megan Dayton

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Railroad workers helped keep America on track during the pandemic, and Congress is considering legislation forcing them to accept an agreement they previously rejected. Workers moved millions of items across the country so families and businesses could survive the bleakest of times. Railroad workers braved sickness and uncertainty so we could have essential goods like food, clothing, and other necessities.

Railroad profits have exceeded billions in just the last six months alone. Workers are standing up for their needs at a time when their labor is the most valuable. That is the power of labor, and it must be protected to maintain a strong working class in America. This situation could end now if railroad executives gave paid sick leave to their workers.

Most union workers have a choice to strike after a contract vote, but Congress is voting to make such a strike illegal. Americans are watching, and we demand that Congress side with people over corporations and profit.