President's Corner: July 2024

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Today, I am reflecting on and celebrating the freedom we all have to join a union and the significant labor victories we’ve seen over the past year. From the prolonged Hollywood strikes, successful unionization efforts at Volkswagen in the South, Amazon workers uniting with the Teamsters, and 10,000 workers at 400 Starbucks locations across the United States joining a union. In the Twin Cities, 65 percent of Chef Ann Kim's service and kitchen staff voted to unionize last month. 

MAPE members have our own achievements to celebrate. Our persistent efforts secured a ten percent cost-of-living adjustment in last year’s contract negotiations – the highest COLA in decades. Additionally, our 4.5 percent pay increase took effect on July 1. We also gained necessary workplace flexibility, maintained excellent healthcare for all members, and secured parity in the Corrections Early Retirement Program in the 2023-2025 contract. 

The State of Minnesota is now addressing years of understaffing by filling hundreds of government positions. We've advocated for these additional hires for years, so let’s seize this opportunity. Make it a priority to speak with new employees and encourage them to join our union. With 71 percent of Americans now approving of labor unions – the highest rating in 60 years – this task may be easier than ever. 

I hope you can enjoy the benefits of our 32-hour work week with today’s July 4th paid holiday. The 32-hour work week is gaining traction globally, and several MAPE locals are exploring this model. Last year, dozens of companies in the United Kingdom participated in a four-day pilot study, resulting in greater employee satisfaction and a 35 percent average increase in revenue. Many businesses continued the four-day workweek post-study. Even people like Bill Gates and Jamie Dimon have predicted that technological advancements could lead to even shorter work weeks. 

I wish all of you a happy and relaxing 4th of July. This day reminds us of our freedoms and the ongoing fight for those we have yet to secure. President Obama once said, “That’s the promise of tomorrow – that in the face of impossible odds, people who love their country can change it.” 

Have a happy and safe holiday.   

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Megan Dayton, MAPE President