President’s Corner Feb. 2024

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Dear MAPE Members, 

As I reflect on the journey of our union, I am struck by our remarkable evolution. When my tenure began in 2012, we had a robust membership of 13,000. Since then, we have grown to represent an impressive 17,000 professional state government employees. This growth, spotlighted at our recent Officer Training, is a testament to our collective strength and the trust placed in us by new and existing members alike. 

Over the past six months alone, we've seen an influx of 1,015 new employees into our bargaining unit, thanks to recruitment efforts across a dozen agencies such as the Department of Human Services, MNIT and Minnesota State. This growth, however, shines a light on the persistent challenge of unfilled positions and the increasing pressure on our members to perform beyond their capacity. I hear your concerns and share in your call for action. 

Our evolution extends beyond our size. Our union has been transforming its values and operations, striving for greater inclusivity, transparency, and leadership development. While beneficial, the shift towards telework and hybrid work models has presented new challenges in maintaining effective communication, connectivity, and work-life balance. Clearly, the traditional ways of connecting and organizing no longer fully meet our needs or our workforce. 

This realization has propelled us into an exciting phase of restructuring. Our goal is to align more closely with the changing dynamics of our work and the needs of our members. Over the next four months, we will initiate conversations across the state and launch a new website to gather your feedback. Your experiences, insights, and ideas are invaluable as we endeavor to strengthen our union from within. 

Amid these transformative efforts, our advocacy continues unrelenting. We are championing a robust policy agenda this legislative session aimed at curtailing unclassified and temporary appointments, fortifying PELRA, and collaborating with other unions to enhance staff safety and amplify our voices in the workplace. 

I encourage you to mark March 19, 2024, on your calendars for Lobby Day at the Capitol. It represents a critical moment to connect with legislators and advocate for the rights and well-being of our state's workers. 

Our journey from a 13,000-member union to one that now represents 17,000 is a narrative of growth, challenge and change. As we embark on this restructuring journey, your support, engagement and feedback will guide us toward a future where we are even more responsive, resilient and reflective of our members' evolving needs. 

In solidarity, 

Megan Dayton 

MAPE President