President’s Corner September 2023

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Happy Labor Day to the Backbone of Minnesota: Our Employees! 

As we celebrate Labor Day, let us salute the generations of union workers who laid the foundation for this meaningful holiday. Their tireless activism is why many of us can take a well-deserved break today. 

The Pivotal Role of Public Sector Unions 

Public sector unions are the cornerstone of a vibrant, equitable, and excellent public service system. Our collective action isn't just about securing better wages, benefits, and working conditions - it's about elevating the quality of public services our communities depend on.  

Unprecedented Support and Victories 

Public sentiment for unions is soaring, and this unprecedented support has powered our recent groundbreaking achievements. We didn't just negotiate - we won the most significant wage increase over four decades, expanded benefits, and instituted telework on a scale we’ve never seen before. We set the stage for a 21st-century contract; now, we must build a 21st-century union.  \

Time for a Necessary Dues Update 

During next month’s Delegate Assembly, the Finance Workgroup will present an overdue proposal for updating our dues. It's been over a decade since our last adjustment; meanwhile, the cost of living hasn't paused. Our budget is a direct reflection of our collective power, and it’s high time we recalibrate this to match today’s economic landscape.  

After exhaustive analysis, both the Finance Workgroup and the Board of Directors endorsed a new rate, equal to .75 of one hour – or roughly 45 minutes – of a member’s wage, capped at $32.50. This system preserves fairness while linking dues to individual income.  

Long-Term Vision Over Short-Term Gains 

We’re not just about instant victories; we’re a movement committed to sustained, systemic change. Our dues form the bedrock of our financial stability, enabling us to drive long-lasting improvements in our workplaces and lives. 

Our Strength is Our Unity 

The enhancements in paid parental leave, respectful workplace policies, no-cost mental health care, and bonuses for frontline workers weren’t gifts – they were hard-fought victories. We mobilized, spoke out, and won these advancements together. Now, imagine the limitless possibilities when 16,500 of us stand united. Our collective strength, reinforced by financial stability, makes us unstoppable.  

Thank you for your continued commitment to our shared mission. Here's to strengthening our collective impact, not just on this Labor Day but every day of the year. 

In Unbreakable Solidarity, 

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Megan Dayton