Political Council meets in Bemidji

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The Political Council held their August meeting in Bemidji. The council has been hosting meetings in districts that will be important in the upcoming election. The last two endorsed candidates for the State Senate seat in Bemidji where former MAPE members, making it a great backdrop to talk about politics and how they relate to MAPE.

“It was great to be in Bemidji with the Political Council. We were able to discuss our legislative priorities with local members. After that we reached out to members, checking in on how they are doing and checking in if they are ready to vote in just a few short weeks. It was really powerful,” said Chet Bodin, Vice Chair of the Political Council.

Alan Roy is the MAPE endorsed candidate for State Senate in Bemidji and is a former DEED employee. In 2020, another former MAPE member, Rita Albrecht ran for State Senate in Bemidji. You can find out about MAPE PAC endorsed candidates and how you can support them.

Next month the Political Council plans to be in St. Cloud again. Stay tuned for more details.