One month of MAPE presidency

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In my new role as your president, I remain focused on building a front door to our organization. My hope is to regularly communicate and share updates and initiatives that matter to you. In this effort, I have called for applications to serve on the various statewide committees and councils requiring appointments. We received more than 20 applications and I am now in the process of finding the right fit for each member. I also will be working with the elected Meet and Confer chairs to identify and appoint their full teams.

Executive Director Lina Jamoul and I have begun to intentionally build a collegial and objective working relationship that puts the organization front and center. Together we are identifying weaknesses in need of support and repair, as well as strengths we can rely on and encourage.

Following my first Board of Directors meeting in June, I started to think of ways to maximize the efficiency of this governing body. I’ve requested a meeting with each of director and I have met with several one-on-one already. I am learning a great deal about how we can effectively communicate and what are the priorities among our directors. Every Director has expressed interest in maximizing the effectiveness of the Board.

Overall, it has been an incredibly rich and productive first month filled with collaboration, relationship building, learning and listening. This short time has not been without challenges, but I choose to see them each as opportunities for improvement.

My efforts are grounded in encouraging our statewide officers, regional directors and local leadership to demonstrate the will to find significance in our larger purpose. This is a moment in our history that will define a generation. By uniting to focus on our priorities that are guided by our foundational commitments, MAPE is entering the greater labor movement. We are committing to a new age where our power will grow in equal force with our ability to unite and where our confidence is borne through prioritizing justice and fair treatment for all. Our priorities and commitments are creating a new era of responsibility where our character is defined by - and our success depends on - our decency, courage, humility, curiosity and, most of all, solidarity.

Looking forward to progressing with you,