Negotiations Committee begins meeting about next contract and elects co-chairs

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Congratulations are in order for Adam Novotny and Kristin Kirchoff-Franklin, the new co-chairs of the Negotiations Committee. Committee members elected their co-chairs during their first two-day meeting on MAPE’s 2023-2025 contract last week. Bargaining strategy and action, building power and Contract Action Teams were some of the topics discussed at the inaugural meeting.

Adam Novotny and Kristin Kirkoff Franklin

“I thought the meeting was great – well organized, well received, and people are ready to do the long, hard work of a long campaign,” Negotiations Co-Chair Adam Novotny said.

“We have a great mix of folks this time around; a lot of new folks and some returning folks. We all seem energized and ready to get going,” agreed Negotiations Co-Chair Kristin Kirchoff-Franklin.   

This is the first time Local 501 Vice President Michael Prideaux has participated in the negotiations process. “It was interesting to learn that the emphasis isn’t on crafting the most effective messages for management but it’s about building power because that’s what really moves management.”

Prideaux is planning on hosting a virtual contract action team (CAT) meeting for Region 5 at the end of July. “Joining a CAT is an important way to stay in communications with negotiators and to make sure your issues are being discussed,” he added.

Members will have several opportunities to submit contract ideas including through statewide listening sessions, a member survey and on MAPE’s website.

“We’re in a different place with the forecast and finances this year – last time we were staring at a deficit. We’re in different times than we have ever been and people have different issues, and we want to make sure we’re negotiating what members want,” Novotny said.

According to Negotiations Committee Co-Chair Kirchoff-Franklin, “We learned a lot from the last round of negotiations and we’re using what we learned to prepare ourselves even more for this round. Each regional negotiator will be reaching out to MAPErs to join their CAT, attend a listening session, and submit ideas for the contract to the team. Get involved so we can get the contract we deserve!”  

The Negotiations Committee will next meet July 21-22.