MNsure Meet & Confer minutes Jul 23, 2019

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MAPE Meet & Confer Meeting – MNsure

July 23rd, 2019



Jim Yates – DHS, Human Resources

Dave Rowley – MNsure, Legal

Jo Wright – MNsure, Director of Contract Center

Lyz Martin – MAPE, Business Agent

Kasondra Rogers – Chair, MAPE, Steward, MNsure CC/OPS

Todd Smoler – Vice Chair, MAPE, Steward, MNsure Broker/OPS


Ambrosia Cady – MAPE, Steward, MNsure CC/OPS

Rebbecca Bishop – MAPE, Steward, MNsure Broker/OPS

Christy Williamson – MAPE, MNsure Plan Management

Ashley Brown – MAPE, MNsure CC/OPS

Deanna Johnson – MAPE, MNsure OSSI




Agenda 1: Service Awards / Building Accessibility Follow-up

M/C - Thank you for the service awards update by DR and the building accessibility updates.

Those who are eligible for service awards and gifts, have made their selections. They are in the process of being ordered. We are in the waiting period for the actual purchasing but they are in progress. Those who are 10+ years will get a gift, and those who are 5 years will be getting the certificates/awards. Distribution will likely be given to those individuals supervisors. That will hopefully be soon.


Agenda 2: Office Cleanliness

M/C - Employees are having to do a lot of maintenance and cleaning themselves, and they are wanting to know what the plan is and what is the responsibility of the employees and the responsibility of the cleaning room?

In the old building they were minimal issues in the 3rd floor bathrooms from before. At the first part of our lease here, we did not have a cleaning crew. Since then, we have been working to get a cleaning crew that is consistent setup. We now have a dedicated lead/supervisor that we can communicate with to work with what we hope to have done around. We have seen some progress and are hoping to see some more progress in the future. We are potentially looking at getting a cleaning crew twice a day in the future if it is needed. We are looking in the far future at getting automated faucets which are lower pressure.

We will be getting more towel dispensers – automatic ones – in the kitchen, bathrooms, and fixing the soap dispensers that shoots out three times. We are in process of changing them.

M/C - Regarding long range plans, is there any discussion at all about looking at automatic hand dryers?  We do have issues with people not throwing away paper towels due to full trash bins.


Your plan about the air dryers is something we have not looked at but is something we can explore. If it’s something that needs to be addressed right now – toilet paper, soap, towels – report it to admin team or your supervisor who will get it to the admin team.

M/C - What is the normal time for issues to be removed from the River Bend Site? Can we get signage or further messaging in the bathrooms/kitchen that direct people to let them know who to go to?

No timelines. Please go to Admin team. We can see what we can do for signage without overdoing it. If you guys have any good ideas, add them to the river bend site or at team meetings. I review them every week. We do walk the floor, we go in the bathrooms, and it has been a process getting in here with the necessities and habitable requirements.

M/C - Is there still going to be a carpet cleaning soon?

This summer. Carpets shouldn’t be that dirty as they are new, but they were laid during construction. We are aiming for August, and it will be on a Friday Afternoon/Evening to get it done. Still no timelines. Building management is slowly working on wiping everything down such as the windows and interiors to remove dust. We will see what building management happens as we go.

M/C - Will there be trash pickup from people’s desk? What do you do with the trash? Will we have individual cube cleanups? Where can we get individual trash bags?

No. Employees must take them to a central location. Maintenance here does not offer it. This is also consistent with the capital building. The door to supply rooms will be locked going forward as we have been losing supplies. Our eco club is looking at seeing what we can do about the trash and changing things up.

M/C - What do we do about peers who do not clean?

Bring the issue to your supervisor. The building rules committee is coming up with policies, guidelines, and signage, without trying to make 9,000 policies. We are coming up with rules for the wellness rules, and balance everything with what works.

M/C - Can we have someone from the bargaining unit on the committee?

No. Management decided and picked who is on there. MAPE is free to provide feedback.


Agenda 3: Building Safety

M/C - The front main door is heavier. Is it new? Is the glass tempered glass? The 3rd door that goes from lobby into the main building which could be jarred open. There is not that same feeling of security. When guests enter the building. Does Roxanne or someone have to be in the waiting area with them? The security concern is that someone comes in and has malicious intent. During OE, can we have someone drive around and make sure everyone is safe and gone? Do we have any exterior security cameras right now?

No, but the addition of ADA equipment makes it heavier? There is no rule for anyone to be in the lobby with them. That door is meant to stop visitors from wandering into the work door. What we may have to do is lock the outside door and move the intercom to the outside. This is a long-range idea though. During open enrollment we will have to assess. Yes, there were no cameras the first week, but now all entrances have a camera. Right now, Roxanne is able to see the cameras and we are looking to expand the cameras to Dave Rowley’s team.



Agenda 4: Privacy in the Workspace

M/C - What is the update to the white noise? Is there a way to reduce sound in the cubical areas as far as people calling in and being able to hear private information about other consumers?

White noise was going to get installed on the 3rd week of July. We are still waiting on parts. We do have to wait on MN.IT and external vendor. We hope to get it done in August. We are reliant on the schedules of our external vendors. MN.IT is our IT vendor and they are backed up. This is not a new issue that is specific to this building. We do take this seriously. HIPAA does allow for certain protected information to be heard. There a lot of different ways we can address this issue. We do have some glass panels going up which may help.


Agenda 5: Mentorship

M/C - What updates do we have about the mentorship program? Is the plan to limit who can be mentored? Is there any idea how long you would be able to mentor someone? We do not have an Emerging leaders’ program. Can this mentorship program be used to help people to move up at MNsure?

Yes, there are plans to roll out the mentorship program. We hope that this information is available at our next all staff meeting. There is a draft for the executive team right now. I think- I may be wrong – I think we are going to do a pilot. Currently, we have no specifics, and it is coming. I do not believe anyone would be precluded from participating. We don’t need a mentorship program to allow your members to be helped. We will have a mentorship program, but I would encourage people to reach out for someone for career advice, friendly advice, etc. Having met with people, whether as a formal/informal mentee program. It can only help you. That establishment would help you on getting the job you do strive to go for.

We will formulate the mentorship program. As the same with the length of service issue, we have gotten slowed down. We’re trying. We’re close. I think the mentorship will be rolled out August-September, which will be my hope. *I want to add to the informal piece. Mentoring is a long-term commitment. There may be times that coaching may be needed and there an informal conversation would be a great alternative for those who don’t want to sink the time into a long-term bargain.


New Item: Leads becoming permanent, classified employees.

M/C - Where are we at regarding the leads and their classification? They don’t have to apply? The 3 people who are being extended, what is the plan after the extension?

The leads that have been in their positions more than 1 year as temporary will get a permanent. They don’t need to reapply. They will have a 6-month probation. We will assess it when we get there, but we don’t have a plan yet. The intent is to get them into a permanent position. The question will be – will they become a lead position, or some other position?


New Item: New Minnesota Wage Law

M/C - If someone feels something this is incorrect, who do they bring it to? Is our notices supposed to say DHS?

If someone feels something is incorrect, Misty Coleman is the contact. As far as the notice, that will be ongoing and is a requirement. For the notices that say DHS, I will look into this.