MNsure meet and confer minutes April 18, 2018

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MAPE Meet and Confer of MNsure / MNsure Management Meeting
April 18, 2018
1pm – 2pm

MAPE: Kasondra Rogers, Todd Smoler, Christy Williamson, Deanna Johnson, Ambrosia Cady, Brian Cote, Ashley Brown, Dave Kamper
MNsure: Jim Yates, Dave Rowley, Stephen Roemer

1:00pm – 1:20pm
Diversity and Inclusion/Affirmative Action Plan

1:20pm – 1:35pm
Professional vs. Technical

1:35pm – 1:45pm
Leadership training

1:45pm – 1:50pm
Shadowing and Mentors

1:50pm – 2:00pm
Follow-up to previous agenda items

MAPE Meet and Confer Committee of MNsure Management Meeting
Wednesday, April 18, 2018
1:00pm - 2:14pm

In attendance for Management: Jim Yates, Stephen Roemer, Dave Rowley
In attendance for MAPE: Kasondra, Todd, Ambrosia, Brian, Christy, Ashley

**Diversity and Inclusion - Affirmative Action Plan **

1) M/C: Does MNsure Management have an Affirmative Action plan for 2018-2019?
MGMT: No, it’s not due till July. The current plan is still in effect (from 2015-2017). The new plan has to be submitted by July for MMB to approve. Sometimes turnover can take months before approval. Plans are two year plans.

2) M/C: Where can the Affirmative Action plan be located? Are the reports public information?

3) M/C: When was the last quarterly report submitted?
MGMT: June 30th

4) M/C: What steps are taken to ensure this plan is followed?
MGMT: Reports are pulled bi-weekly that lists the goals of the plan. The Action Plan is not limited to state websites and can be found in numerous places.

5) M/C: How is the data tracked to ensure this action plan is successful?
MGMT: Numbers are monitored every 2 weeks. Separate document was provided showing bi-weekly results.

  • 40% Minorities
  • 60% Women
  • 5.1% Disabled - this is beneath the goal, but this is also based on what’s reported by employees.

6) M/C: Who does the data received from the action plan get reported to? -
MGMT: HR, Executive team.

7) M/C: Specific details of the plan state percentages in regards to statistics. Where is the percentage data pulled from?
MGMT: HR SEMA4 / Self Service

8) M/C: What steps are taken in creating an environment that retains employees?
MGMT: Recruiting

9) M/C: Are these classified employees or non-classified employees that are providing information for reporting?
MGMT: This report includes all employees that are classified and unclassified

Professional Vs. Technical - Privileges / Flex-Time / Telecommuting

1) M/C: What are the incentives when transitioning from Technical to Professional?
MGMT: More money, higher level & responsibility of work (Job duties), provides more experiences & skills to build resume to advancement whether within MNsure or outside. There is always the ability to have other work assigned work even is at AFSME level (such as inbound calls)

2) M/C: What steps has management taken to distinguish between Technical and Professional?
MGMT: Tier 1 reps (Mainly AFSME): entry into MNsure: learn the work on the call center side, taking inbound calls more frequent. Access to other work assignments as needed.
MAPE role: more flexibility in work assignments, always the ability to assign work depending on needs.
At the time some roles were created best as needed for that time for MNsure. Also, there was a lot more work that needed to be completed that those job descriptions.

3) M/C: Where is the distinction? (Example: work from home, flex time, etc.)
MGMT: Work from home has data security concerns. If employees were to bring work home, would need to consider the issue of data on physical paper being shared with family members, or data breaches on computers.
(Legal provided their team doesn’t have set schedules, schedules are set with supervisors and they are allowed to flex. Legal has approx. 16-20 team members)
MAPE in specific to LEC-OPS: Flextime and telecommuting are based upon inbound calls: The need for inbound call backup assistance could potentially be anytime based on business needs. Leadership tries to keep Ops on their daily tasks. There are approx. 60 people in Ops.

4) M/C: Are reps required to be on calls all times during the week or only during the Friday afternoon?
MGMT: Reps can be pulled to phones regularly but usually on a daily basis not all are pulled.

5) M/C: What can we do to allow flex time on a normal basis?
MGMT: It goes back to business needs. It would need to be looked at to craft a policy to live within those needs. Unable to provide business needs data right now, but not opposed to figuring that out. Any employee should be able to ask their sup anything at any time. If not comfortable

6) M/C: What is the turnover rate for professional employees in the contact center?
MGMT: This is unknown

7) M/C: Is there any plan in place to retain the professional employees currently in the contact center?
MGMT: The plan is to look at the budget for the next fiscal year to retain the temporary status employee’s which are mostly AFSCME. (About 128- mostly AFSME, a few in MAPE on probation that should certify) Different contract allotments determine if MAPE positions will created

8) M/C: Who decides if professional employee requests are approved/denied for certain privileges?
MGMT: Supervisors are given the discretion to decide if any employees are granted a request and might be reviewed with Management depending on request.

9) M/C: What goes into working from home with a computer?
MGMT: A cost, VPN access

10) M/C: Is everyone required to take data security training?
MGMT: Yes, which applies both inside and outside on MNsure.

11) M/C: Would OPS positions have any need to take physical papers home or is most work done electronically?
MGMT: Most everything in Ops is done electronically. Most paper related work is not done by MAPE level professionals.

12) M/C: Why are certain employees approved to take advantage of professional privileges in the contact center?

13) What can we do to move forward on flex time/ work from home?
MGMT: management will need to meet on this. Will get back in touch with MAPE.

14) M/C: What is the definition of Business needs? Can this be defined for the operations level? Can it be measured? Are there metrics?
MGMT: There is a legal definition but it does not apply to all departments in the same manner.

15) M/C: Can we request the stats for Friday in the contact center?
MGMT: Yes (Stephen R. has agreed to provide this)

Leadership ongoing training update

1) M/C: Are CC/OPS leads required to attend training before preparing for a leadership role?
MGMT: No. We just spoke about this very topic though in our sups/management meeting and are exploring options for that.

2) M/C: What direction can leads give vs. supervisors?
MGMT: I don’t know if there is a documented difference out there.
Supervisors: Performance management – One on Ones – Reviews – Performance Evaluation. Supervisors are allowed to ask for feedback from leads. Supervisors would deliver any disciplinary talk or action
Leads: Are responsible for providing work and work flow. Work direction, coaching (training the work. Leads are not involved in the delivery of the disciplinary action of an employee

3) M/C: What protocol, if any, does leadership follow when communicating with members via email or group lync?
MGMT: This came about when a lead was unprofessional over lync. If this is happening encourage the rep to take a screen shot to escalate to Sup, Management, Dave, HR, anonymous email however the rep feels comfortable.

4) M/C: What steps are being taken to ensure the members have access to leadership in a time of need competing priorities?

5) How often is “Respect in the workplace” training occurring?
MGMT: Per Legal - Respect in the workplace training will be happening again in the near future.

Shadow/Mentor Plan

1) M/C: Is there a current program that allows employees to shadow/mentor those in higher positions?
MGMT: No formal program that HR is aware of. There is nothing stopping a rep from asking their supervisor to meet with someone from another team in a higher position or to simply ask about what steps to further their career. Sups & Management- should be able to provide a time to allow this if requested.

2) M/C: From a HR standpoint, do other agencies have this career path?
MGMT: DHS has something that’s more formal, at least parts of DHS. More conversation surrounding this is needed.

3) What positions and job classifications are available within our agency to shadow?

4) M/C: What steps would need to be taken to shadow a position?
MGMT: Speak to a supervisor or HR.

5) M/C: Is there a defined path to attain new positions and/or explore other positions?
MGMT: At this time, there is not.

6) M/C: Are goals presented to employees that show additional career paths from their current position?
MGMT: Not aware if it is or isn’t.

7) M/C: How is the process handled at the member level and supervisor level?
MGMT: If an employee wants to shadow, they can speak to HR or Supervisor. If a Supervisor has questions, they should speak to Stephen or HR.

Safety / Active Shooter

1) M/C: What is the plan to communicate information effectively for any emergency situation?
MGMT: We are close to having active shooter training. Waiting for DHS to finish their trainings to possibly piggyback off theirs. Working with PMO to make it MNsure related.
Also, looking at a few things that can help with. Such as pushing alerts through phones (there is a cost and monthly fee) getting more info about that now.
As of now, employees who are terminated or no longer employed have their Badges are shut off and are unable to access the building.

2) M/C: The Method for emergencies is a follows: Run, hide, and fight. Where do we run? Where do we hide?
MGMT: Legal is open to suggestions for active shooter training, drills etc.

3) M/C: Is it possible to get video feed from the Golden Rule Security for Vicky at the front desk?
MGMT: Feed goes to Golden Rule security and it’s not available to Vicky at this time. Any adjustments to the building/office will need to be approved the building management and owner. This can be a complex issue.

4) M/C: Why don’t any of the conference rooms have locks in the event that an emergency happens and the room needs to be on lockdown?
MGMT: As this has never been brought up, Legal will look in to it. Anything done in this building we have to talk to building owner.

5) Are we in compliance with other state agencies?

6) How many new employees do we have since we’ve had safety training?

7) Why are we not participating in State drills?

8) We are requesting the final policy/guide regarding employee safety and active shooter?


4/18/18 Draft Policy:

1) M/C: How does this policy differ between the current policies on timesheets?
MGMT: There is not an active policy for timesheets. There is a current process, however this is the actual policy. Timesheets are public are public information. There is no Private Data listed and only shows the employee ID.

2. M/C: Can an employee review the timesheets or log in and out of building history if there is a timesheet discrepancy? Can MAPE have access to this?
MGMT: There is no reason why the information can’t be pulled if requested.

Follow up being requested by MAPE Meet and Confer for:

  • Next available date for Meet and Confer/ Management meeting
    • July 18, 2018 at 1pm
  • Professional Vs. Technical
    • Provide solutions/suggestions on how MAPE members can take advantage of Flex-Time and Telecommuting in operations
  • Ongoing Leadership training
    • Provide a solution/suggestion on how Contact Center leadership can communicate, train and assist MAPE members in a more efficient manner.
  • Shadow/Mentor Plan application process
  • Provide a solution/suggestion on an agency’s policy already in existence to mimic or create an entirely new process
  • • Building Safety solutions
    • Provide a solution/suggestion on how to create a more safe environment for employees