MNsure Meet and Confer Meeting Notes Oct 22, 2019

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MAPE Meet & Confer Meeting – MNsure

October 22nd, 2019



Jim Yates – DHS, Human Resources

Dave Rowley – MNsure, Legal

Jo Wright – MNsure, Director of Contract Center

Lyz Martin – MAPE, Business Agent

Kasondra Rogers – Chair, MAPE, Steward, MNsure CC/OPS

Todd Smoler – Vice Chair, MAPE, Steward, MNsure Broker/OPS


Ambrosia Cady – MAPE, Steward, MNsure CC/OPS

Rebbecca Bishop – MAPE, Steward, MNsure Broker/OPS

Christy Williamson – MAPE, MNsure Plan Management

Ashley Brown – MAPE, MNsure CC/OPS

Deanna Johnson – MAPE, MNsure OSSI




Agenda 1: Office Cleanliness

M/C - MAPE members are requesting an update on building maintenance expectations that includes trash receptacles, bathrooms, air quality, carpet cleaning and standing water in specific locations as well as an update on building a 2nd sink in the cafeteria. Employees would like more information to be provided that includes where to locate cleaning supplies, trash bags, paper towels, etc. In addition, employees are seeking any data regarding the air quality test performed

MGMT: We have a new janitorial cleaning company as of yesterday (10/21/2019). We had an ongoing discussion with the previous company who were not doing what we needed. We have hoped this new crew will be able to do what we need. If you notice anything missing, or not being done please create a River Bend ticket while we work with them in this transition. Carpets were cleaned in August and was intended to clean up some of the construction remnants. In the old building the carpets were fully cleaned every 6-12 months. We would expect any future cleanings to between Spring and Fall. We did not run an air quality test when moving in, but all the HVAC filters were replaced. We also will be replacing the seals on exterior doors that are showing wear and tear.

Are there any other issues with the standing water that we are unaware of?

M/C - Standing water behind the toilets. We will submit a river bend ticket.

MGMT: We are looking into possibly getting a second cleaning for the OE period. It is not set in stone. It would be done after lunch. The cleanings done by janitorial staff should be following the cleaning checklist we provided you at the last M&C. If you need supplies at this point, please reach out to your supervisor or Jenny. When we first moved in, we had the supply closet unlocked and entire shelves of cleaning items went missing. As far as dishwasher liquid and other non-industrial soaps, those are being provided by employees. We will be getting a 2nd sink. In order to install a sink, we needed to order a custom cabinet which will not be delivered until second week of November. We are having to also choose between installing the 2nd sink during the day and require people to use the bathrooms for that day. We are working on it. As far as the cubicle barrier installation, it is still in the list of things to be decided. It would require people to be out of their cubes for the full day, perhaps more, while those barriers are placed up. If we were doing this during the weekend, it would triple the costs. We also do not have enough glass panels right now in order to get them all done right now. It is still going to happen, but we do not know when. White noise is currently set at one notch above the setting at the old building. We can continue to adjust it as we are trying to find a way to make the white noise beneficial without being disruptive.

M/C - Did we investigate sound baffling technology?

MGMT: We did not look further into them due to price and we are not certain if it would have any further effect than the white noise. We must ask what exactly is it that we are trying to accomplish in a Call Center. We went back to pull the call mentioned in the previous M&C session and the QM team and I found that private information was not heard nor shared. There may be keywords if one listens to it. In the Whitewater conference room, there is something in the HVAC system that allows noise to travel from WW to offices as well.

M/C - MNsure spent this money on the white noise, and it appears that it isn’t working? The expectation is that no one would be able to hear private information that is not meant to hear that information. What was asked in the listening session regarding this issue?

MGMT: People asked for dual Ear/Headphones and we investigated it. It would be prohibitively expensive at this time.


Agenda 2: Building Safety

M/C - MAPE members have expressed concerns regarding safety throughout the winter months in which it becomes darker, earlier. Employees have expressed concerns regarding parking during snow removal and lighting in the parking lot. Members have proposed a volunteer/buddy list for those who ride the bus or are leaving late at night during Open Enrollment hours.

MGMT: The lights are on a sensor and should be turning on when it gets dark. We are working with River Bend Management on those. We also have a call in to the city to see about getting the lights on as the Winter and shorter days come. With Winter coming, there is likely to be snow. Our lease requires snow removal by 6:30 AM and we will be negotiating further snow removal if necessary. We are also not the only tenants who have dealt with this issue. We have the back stairs in which it will be shoveled, and we will deal with it if it becomes Icy. Once again, if there are any issues, please fill out a river bend ticket or find one of us in management.

On people staying late and taking the bus, we are working with setting up a buddy system and looking at ways we can address those who take the bus, or those who get stuck.