Mini Days on the Hill included in Political Council's 2020 plans

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The Political Council recently held a two-day planning meeting to draft a charter, bylaws and a 2020 plan. With the Legislative session opening on Feb. 11, legislative priorities and guidance on member engagement for MAPE's legislative and electoral work will be priorities.

Political Council meeting at the Capitol 121219

Photo at right: MAPE's Political Council participating in planning retreat at the Capitol.

Members also heard from Nicole Smith-Holt, MAPE member and advocate for the Alec Smith Emergency Insulin Act, named in honor of her son who died after rationing his insulin because he could not afford his $1,300 monthly prescription.

The Council is exploring coordinating “mini” Day on the Hill events organized by issue or agency. Members will meet with legislators serving on specific committees. The Corrections, Human Services and Minnesota State agencies being considered for small events at the Capitol. These are pilot programs and will be expanded to other agencies in following years.

Building the electoral program is a key component of the Political Council’s work and the plan will be rolled out later this year. "It's important that members become comfortable talking about politics because we can no longer afford to say, 'I don't pay attention to politics.' There is often a negative connotation about government service. MAPE members are subject matter experts and should be proud of the work we do on behalf of Minnesota families," Political Council Chair Cathleen Cotter said.

The Political Council will also continue hosting “Pouring Into Public Service” informal gatherings for members to socialize and talk about issues relevant to their lives and work.