Members take action to fight for a strong contract

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The Negotiations Team is working hard for a contract that better reflects workers and worksites in the 21st Century. MAPE proposals include wages that are competitive and fair, affordable health care and flexible workplaces. This will allow the State to recruit and retain the best workforce in order to serve Minnesotans.

A contract is only as strong as the support of our members. Therefore, MAPE members have been taking action! Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) members from Local 301 organized and showed up in numbers at the Lafayette Park cleanup event that was scheduled as part of MPCA's Earth Month. MPCA Deputy Commissioner Peter Tester was there and members asked for his support of a sustainable contract.

Pollution Control Agency Clean up

MAPE members at 10 different Minnesota Department of Corrections facilities across the state gathered to ask Wardens of the prisons, supervisors in the field and directors in the central office for support as they negotiate supplemental proposals. One of their top goals is to fix health insurance for MAPE Corrections retirees, who are now paying as much as 10 times more than other Corrections employees from other unions. Some of the leaders promised their support!

DOC members

MAPE members of Minnesota Department of Health joined a town hall forum to ask Commissioner Cunningham to support worker’s proposals during bargaining. 

MDH Members

MAPE is your union and this is your contract. Being a part of your Region’s Contract Action Team is the way to make sure we win the best contract possible. Get involved by contacting your Regional Negotiator. Not sure your Local? Look it up here.