Member serves as longtime election judge

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MAPE member Melissa Wenzel, Local 301 has been an election judge since 2004. A very passionate, now retired, MAPE member Eric Killberg encouraged her to apply all those years ago.

“I love it! I’m now head judge and managing two precincts in one location,” Wenzel said.

Election judges are temporary, paid employees of local election officials trained to handle all aspects of voting at the polling place. Serving as an election judge is a chance to learn about elections and is a great service to the community. 

MAPE members may take time off from work to be an election judge with 20 days advanced notice. “A unique and wonderful perk for MAPE members is you get paid by both the state and the country that day,” Wenzel said.

On Election Day, there can be as many as 30,000 election judges temporarily employed at polling places across Minnesota. Many towns and cities are always looking for qualified applicants. Wenzel shared a poem she wrote in hopes others will consider becoming an election judge.

While voters continue to slumber in a deep sleep,
Election judges nation-wide rise to their feet.
Weary politicians continue the campaign trail,
Hoping that for them, victory will prevail.
News media, unions, corporations and non-profits say,
"It's time to vote! Happy Election Day!"